Tucker Carlson destroys the alleged ‘credibility’ of the four impeachment inquiry law professors: ‘They’re really NOT that impressive!’ (Video)

(TNS) Fox News host Tucker Carlson dissected the appearances of four Left-wing law professors who appeared before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday to offer their opinions about why President Donald Trump ought to be impeached.

Like the Garbage Party’s propaganda media, nearly all of them claimed that Trump abused his office by ‘withholding military aid’ to Ukraine unless that government succumbed to his demand to ‘investigate political opponents.’

In fact, Democrats have done that, as we and others have long documented. The Democratic Party and the Obama administration abused Ukraine in a way no country deserves; Donald Trump, by comparison, agreed to provide the Ukrainians with lethal military aid so they could defend themselves from a revisionist Russia that had already ‘annexed’ one-third of their country, the Crimea, and continues to arm and support “separatist” rebels in the country’s east.

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And never mind that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said — twice now — President Trump did not demand a “quid pro quo” or try to “bribe” that country with military aid in exchange for a probe into Joe and Hunter Biden as well as the 2016 Clinton campaign.

But Carlson’s focus Wednesday night wasn’t the lack of evidence and the dearth of facts presented at the hearings yesterday, per se.

He focused on the fact that the Democrats’ ‘star’ witnesses were not objective, are vehemently against the president (and the right in particular) and, deep down, really aren’t all that impressive in terms of who they are portrayed as being: The smartest people in the room when it comes to interpreting the Constitution.

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“You probably heard enough impeachment opinions over Thanksgiving from one of your drunk cousins, so why would we care what these people think?” Carlson noted.

“Hmmm….well, because of their credentials,” he continued. “Supposedly, they have exceptional knowledge and expertise. IQs far higher than yours. All of which enables them to give a fair and balanced and informed opinion on how America ought to proceed.

“But is that real?” he asked?

The bottom line: The four witnesses — even the one called by Republicans, Georgetown Law Prof. Jonathan Turley — are well-documented Left-wing activists who have a history of opposing Republicans, traditional America, and especially President Trump.


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Coup d’flop — from lawfaggots.

Terrence Duffy
Terrence Duffy

There is proof of no quid pro quo. Zelensky has fired the prosecutor investigating Burisma. He has turned the case over to one of George Soro’s organizations. The fix is in.


Just a bunch of arrogant narcissist sucking on the “I’m special, I’m great” nipple.

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