By Jon Dougherty @TheNatSent

(TNS) The ink from President Donald Trump’s signature on the recently-passed and incredibly massive $2.2 trillion ‘coronavirus stimulus’ package had barely dried, and already spendthrift Democrats are clamoring for another one.

Granted, the president also mentioned that now might be a good time to start his long-sought infrastructure repair and revitalization project — for the bargain price of $2 trillion — since interest rates have fallen again to low levels.

We can’t really blame the president for his thinking. He’s a builder and to him, getting the best deal is in his blood.

But gee whiz, the first coronavirus stimulus package hasn’t really even begun yet; do we really need to pass another $2 trillion spending package to build things like roads and bridges when Americans in many parts of the country can’t even leave their homes, much less drive on new roads and bridges?

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) doesn’t think so.

“I’m not opposed to infrastructure. What I’m opposed to is using a crisis to try to restructure government,” McCarthy said Thursday as Democrats have been rushing to put together a phase 3 coronavirus package.

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McCarthy said last week that he “wouldn’t be so quick to say you have to write something else. Let’s let this bill work, just as long as we let the other two bills work as well. And whatever decision we have to make going forward, let’s do it with knowledge, let’s do it with the experience of what’s on the ground at that moment in time.”

At a Thursday press conference, McCarthy said the Democrats in the House should spend time making sure the phase 3 stimulus package is “implemented correctly.”

Well, yes, of course, they should. But Democrats have become the party of the ‘unhinged lunatic,’ which would be House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, so trying to convince them to listen to reason is an exercise in futility.

Meanwhile, however, the very real national debt just got a whole lot bigger. And like Sen. John Kennedy said earlier this week, “deficits matter” unless you “were tossing the frisbee around the quad during Econ 101.”


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