By Duncan Smith

Leftists working through the Democratic Party have brought our culture to the brink of extinction by their relentless push of absurdity over the last several decades.

We see this on a daily basis and often in ways that don’t even cause many of us to bat an eye, they have become that common.

But that said, there are still numerous examples we can find week in and week out that prove again just how crazy the Democratic Party is and to what lengths Democrats will go to in order to finally collapse our culture completely and remake it into an authoritarian nightmare.

The latest example relates to a federal court decision involving the Miss USA Contest — two subjects you probably never thought you’d hear about in the same sentence.

The Epoch Times reports:

The Miss United States of America is able to only accept biological females, a judge ruled last week.

U.S. District Judge Michael Mosman, a George W. Bush appointee, said the pageant organization can't be forced to let transgender women participate in its pageants.

'Because I viewed it as an organization that does promote a message and seeks to maintain control of that message, I view it as an association that cannot under the Constitution be required to allow plaintiff to participate in what defendant says is a contradiction of that message,' Mosman ruled from the bench, referring to the organization's stated mission of promoting 'natural-born' females, The Oregonian reported.

The judge cited the Supreme Court's ruling in Boy Scouts of America v. Dale, in which the nation's top judges ruled the state of New Jersey could not force the Boy Scouts organization to accept gay scoutmasters.

Mosman also told the court that Miss USA is an expressive organization, as opposed to a commercial one.

That means it has a First Amendment Right to its 'message' and cannot be required to alter it, Courthouse News reported.

The ruling came in Green v. Miss United States of America. Anita Noelle Green, a male who identifies as a woman, sued the pageant corporation in 2019, alleging it could not exclude people who identify as transgender women.

The Democratic Party spent 100 years fighting a good fight — equal rights for women.

And over the past few years the same party has worked to systematically destroy all of that progress for 0.001 percent of the population — and for the sole purpose of destroying traditional American culture and society.

That a federal judge had to rule only biological females can compete in a contest specifically set up for biological females just goes to prove how close we are to losing our culture completely, and how cancerous and diabolical the Democratic Party has become.

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