(NationalSentinel) Legendary actors Robert Davi and Isaiah Williams, along with comedian Terrence Williams, are sick and tied of the “BS witch hunts” Democrats have continually launched against President Donald Trump since his election three years ago.

In a video the three stars, stogies in hand, lambast the Garbage Party and the partisan assholes like Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, and Jerrold Nadler who lead it for their continual harassment of the president, to the detriment of the country.

When is the non-stop harassment going to end?

Why the fuck aren’t Democrats doing anything to help Republicans and the president curb illegal immigration? Or anything else of real importance to the country?

Who let these pricks be in charge in the first place?

And aren’t Americans fed up with this bullshit?

Yes, gentlemen, we are. We have been for months and months. The worst political mistake conservatives made in recent memory was not showing up to the polls in sufficient numbers in November 2018 to retain control of the House.

We shall fix that mistake next year.

Meanwhile, it’s good to see folks in La La Land rally in defense of the greatest president in modern history — the man who single-handedly beat the shit out of the Deep State and political establishment, and who now want to destroy him because how fucking dare him win the presidency without their permission.

Thanks, gents.


[videopress 0itDMlQ6]

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