By Duncan Smith

Violent crime and shooting deaths went up in Chicago year, and by a lot.

The liars in the media and the Biden regime are already trying to spin the increase in Chi-Town and throughout the U.S. in major cities as somehow related to the COVID pandemic.

Pent-up frustration, you see. Short tempers. People acting out because they’re locked down.

But wait — if they were locked down, how come crime is UP? After all, in other major Canadian and European cities, violent crime went down because of lockdowns.

Just not in U.S. cities. So something else must be at play, right?



At the same time Democrats have rigged the game on behalf of criminals by letting them off, letting them out, and failing to prosecute violent behavior all last year, they were pushing to defund police departments — and they did, to the tune of more than $840 million.

In addition to defunding cops, they neutered them as well, with one city after another reflexively taking the side of the criminal instead of their officers.

This was especially true in Chicago. Now, the thin blue line is going become the ineffective blue line, and by choice as a matter of self-preservation.

Officers can’t get in a jam with libtard city officials and police officials if they don’t put themselves in bad situations, right?

Right. So they’re not going to. On Wednesday, the Chicago Police Department (CPD) issued a directive for police pursuing people on foot.

Fox News noted of the policy, 'Officers must be in 'continual communication' with the subject, and 'position themselves in such a way to reduce the opportunity for a foot chase.' The officers must also 'ask themselves of the need to apprehend the subject is worth the risk to responding officers, the public, or the subject.’'

Here’s a description of the policy put out by CPD:

'Foot pursuits carry inherent risk to Department members, members of the public, and fleeing subjects. When engaging in a foot pursuit, the safety of Department members, members of the public, and the fleeing subject should be the primary consideration when determining whether a foot pursuit should be initiated or continued,' it continues, adding, 'Department members will not engage in a foot pursuit when prohibited by this directive as outlined in Item V, including the prohibition on engaging in foot pursuits for offenses less than a Class A misdemeanor.'

'Department members, including supervisors, will not be disciplined for deciding not to engage in or continue a foot pursuit or for instructing that a foot pursuit be discontinued, based upon a reasonable assessment that the risk to the involved members, members of the public, or the subject of the continued foot pursuit outweighs the necessity for the immediate apprehension of the subject,' the directive states.

This is only going to spread to other cities as more police departments figure out the best way to stay out of trouble with libtard Democrats is to stay out of trouble, period.

Watch crime explode — in Chi-Town and beyond.

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