Some farmers actually praising Trump because tariffs have led to new demands for their agricultural products

By Jon Dougherty>

(TNS) You’re not going to see the Garbage Party’s propaganda media report this, but American farmers are increasingly thankful for President Donald Trump’s tariffs on China because they are seeing new demands for their agricultural products.

One group of farmers, in particular, are happy about the tariffs: Garlic farmers in California.

The tariffs have made China’s garlic far more expensive, the BBC reports.

“It is untrue that there are no winners in a trade war,” Ken Christopher, executive vice president of California-based Christopher Ranch, said.

“When President Trump’s tariffs for garlic kicked in, it was at that point that California garlic truly became competitive,” said Christopher, who oversees the nation’s largest garlic farm.

He noted further that the news gets lost in the mainstream media’s constant complaining about how Trump’s tariffs on China are supposedly having only a negative effect.

“It’s been a difficult thing to talk about, as the media continually simplifies the tariffs as injuring farmers, whereas it actually benefits the domestic garlic industry,” Christopher said.

He added that there are other sectors of agriculture that are seeing an uptick in revenue thanks to the tariffs.

“[T]here’s a much larger narrative to the tariff conversation because it’s not only garlic that’s benefiting from the tariff. Honey farmers, crawfish farmers, they’re among the few that are greatly benefiting,” Christopher said.

American farmers have, for decades, accused China of selling its garlic for less money that it costs to produce.

“We’re seeing growth year-over-year of between 6 to 23 percent every week on our fresh garlic,” Christopher said of current market conditions. “It may not seem like a lot, but when measured in millions of pounds it makes a huge difference to our bottom line.”

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U.S. soybean farmers have been hardest hit by the tariffs, but the president has delivered on a $12 billion aid package meant to subsidize them and provide relief.

But as few are reporting, the trade war is hurting China as well. Even CNN Business reported in August that Chinese unemployment is rising, manufacturing output has fallen, and consumer spending has also decreased — all signs that economic pressures in China are rising.

“The magnitude of [China’s] slowdown was rather surprisingly large,” said Ken Cheung Kin Tai, chief foreign exchange strategist for Asia at Mizuho Bank in Hong Kong.

This kind of slowing growth might give China “a greater incentive to make larger compromises” in any trade deal with the United States, he added in a research note.

Even the reliably Left-wing Guardian newspaper reported in July that the International Monetary Fund said China was getting the worst end of the trade war.

“In China, the negative effects of escalating tariffs and weakening external demand have added pressure to an economy already in the midst of a structural slowdown and needed regulatory strengthening to rein in high dependence on debt,” the IMF said.

Meanwhile, the trade war, while impacting American agriculture, has not impacted U.S. growth.

The Trump economy has produced more jobs than there are workers, historic low unemployment rates, growth of more than 3 percent per year on average, and sustained rises in the stock market, allowing 401(k) retirement accounts for American middle and working class adults to gain in value.

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I don’t do business with china. If I see a made in china sticker on anything I buy, I throw it in the garbage. I don’t eat China foods either. Raise my own food. The h3ll with grocery store garbage meat and produce.


If the farmers had any brains they would use the AID to get out of corn and soybean production considering Many of us will not buy those products or support the poisoning of farmland with the monsteranto now buayer products.

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