By Duncan Smith

They’re going to push patriots too far, we fear…

Leftists in the Democrat Party (yes, we know, that is largely redundant) are using the riot at the Capitol Building earlier this month to full political advantage to target their conservative rivals once and for all.

Yes, you read that right: Once and for all.

By falsely characterizing the incident as an “insurrection,” Democrats are now pushing for “Patriot Act 2.0” — they hated Patriot Act 1.0 by the way — to reclassify all conservative patriots and supporters of former President Trump as terrorists — so they can use the color of law to take away our rights, jail us, put in camps, and totally separate us from society.

This isn’t hyperbole; these people continue to tell us that’s exactly what they want to do.

Former Obama ‘national security’ official Ben Rhodes became the latest left-wing tyrant-in-waiting to say so, via Fox News:

An Obama-era deputy national security adviser painted Trump supporters as an “issue of Homeland Security” and called for government and Big Tech to regulate information on social media in a televised interview Wednesday afternoon.

“It's going to take many years to detox the disinformation, the lies, the hate that has been spread,” Ben Rhodes told MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace. “A whole segment of the American population has been radicalized over what's happened the last four years, and by the fact that Donald Trump is no longer there – they can no longer see Donald Trump representing their grievances in the highest office.”

He said the result would be “a lot of work” for national security officials.

“I think from a policy perspective, Nicolle, there are big questions about the future of social media in this country, whether or not someone has to step in and regulate these platforms so that it's not left to the CEO of Twitter to make a decision to kick President Trump off a couple of week before his term ends,” he said later in the interview. “Can government work with these tech companies to determine how they can at least slow the spread of this poisonous disinformation?”

Then these two speech Nazis bantered back and forth about denying Republicans their right to speak freely under the First Amendment.

“Can the Republican Party finally stand up and tell their people the truth?” Rhodes pondered.

“It would be my policy that a Republican must assert the truth before they're allowed to share any other views,” Wallace replied a few moments later, going on to accuse Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., of not going “far enough in beating down the lie.”

MSNBC and the conga line of left-wing sycophants literally lie every hour on the hour like it’s their job — but it’s protected speech under the Constitution.

These fools believe that competing political views a) are “lies” and b) should be silenced through the power of government. 

It doesn’t even occur to either of them that one works for a media outlet and the other writes books.

Make no mistake…

What has started with social media censorship is just the beginning. Next after deplatforming us will come the dehumanizing of … ‘terrorists.’

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