Spygate: Transcript of Papadopoulos’ phone call with FBI informant published; wanted ‘evidence’ Trump campaign hacked DNC emails

If people don't get indicted and go to prison over all of this, then it will happen again

By Tank Murdoch @TheNatSent

(TNS) In amongst the non-stop reporting about “coronavirus,” where the media has been monitoring and reporting the COVID-19 death count like some macabre ritual, comes new information regarding the FBI’s attempt to derail a presidential campaign.

On Wednesday, former Fox News investigative ace Catherine Herridge, now with CBS News, published a portion of a transcript between one-time 2016 Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos and an informant Obama’s FBI placed near the campaign in an attempt to set people up for a fall.

Needless to say, Papadopoulos was aware the transcript had been published:

To review, Papadopoulos noted the global extent of the FBI’s Spygate operation, compliments of that rat fink former director, James Comey:

Without question, this little op proves that the Five Eyes agreement is utilized by each member to permit other members to spy on each other’s citizens, all with plausible deniability, of course.

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In any event, Herridge reports:

In late October 2016, less than two weeks before the presidential election, a former adviser to then-presidential candidate Donald Trump, George Papadopoulos, denied to an FBI confidential source that the campaign was involved in the circumstances surrounding the hack of the Democratic National Committee’s email system, calling the idea “illegal.” …

The recorded conversation between Papadopoulos and the confidential source working for the FBI was documented in the December report issued by Justice Department Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz into the FBI’s surveillance of campaign aide Carter Page and other actions related to the FBI probe known as “Crossfire Hurricane.” But the excerpts of the transcript published here provide new details about the interaction between Papadopoulos and the FBI source in the final days of the presidential campaign.

The transcript, in which Papadopulos is apparently given the code name “Crossfire Typhoon” or CT, at the end of the hours-long conversation, shows the confidential human source questioning him about the DNC hack:

CHS: You don’t think anyone from the Trump campaign had anything to do with the f***ing over the, at the DNC?

Papadopoulos: No

CHS: Really?

Papadopoulos: No. I know that for a fact.

CHS: How do you know that for a fact?

Papadopoulos: ‘Cause I go, I’ve been working with them for the last nine months. That’s (unintelligible) And all of this stuff has been happening, what, the last four months?

The FBI source then pressed Papadopoulos on whether someone on the Trump campaign might have been secretly involved.

CHS: But you don’t think anyone would have done it, like under, undercover or anything like that?

Papadopoulos: No, I don’t think so…..There’s absolutely no reason…First of all, it’s illegal, you know, to do that s***.

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What to make of this latest tidbit of information?

Clearly the FBI, the CIA, MI6, the Aussies, and everyone else involved in this travesty knew early on that the Trump campaign was not involved in the DNC server hack (if there ever was an actual hack, that is), but continued to dog the campaign — and then President Trump — for more than a year.

No wonder every time they pop their heads up out of the holes they live in, Comey and former CIA Director John Brennan spew some nonsense about how Trump is a Russian stooge when clearly he isn’t and never was.

If people don’t get indicted and go to prison over all of this, then it will happen again. And maybe next time, a president falls.


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.50cal Zombie Smasher
.50cal Zombie Smasher

FISA traitors — prosecute & execute. Our allies are enemies. Burn ’em.

George C

Politicians can’t rat on each other, they all have some dirt on someone else. If one rats out another, someone will rat on him. They all have to protect each other, to protect themselves.

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