(NationalSentinel) Another day, another Obama-era insanity overturned. And the perpetually angry Left reacts.

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump thankfully overturned the crazy, irresponsible Obama-era “transgender student bathroom” rule, which allowed kids who “identified” as a different sex to use the bathroom and locker room of their  chosen identity.

To say that tens of millions of parents of teens who are already hyper-sexualized just because of their age were outraged is an understatement. So Trump correcting that stupidity is a welcome relief to them.

Unless, of course, they live in California, which has vowed to defy the president like it has vowed to defy him on just about every other issue, you know, because liberals there think they have some inherent right to decide for themselves what federal laws and regulations to follow.

Per Breitbart:

California’s State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Torlakson, issued a strident press release on Wednesday vowing that the Golden State will protect the “rights of transgender students.”

“All students deserve a safe and supportive school environment. California will continue to work to provide that environment for our lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students regardless of any misguided directives by the federal government and the Trump administration,” Torlakson said.


“California students will continue to have their civil rights protected,” he said. “In California we move forward, not backward.”

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If by “forward” he means turning his back on reality and ignoring anatomy and physiology, then sure, he’s right. But it’s not “forward-thinking” to ignore reality, it’s insanity.

The state of California is doing everything it can to pick a fight - any fight - with the Trump administration, but the reality is, there are not fights the state will win. One way or the other, the White House will get the upper hand, whether directives are enforced via the the courts or by cutting off every red cent that California currently receives from the Treasury.

That said, red states who are no fans of Marxist liberalism should be taking notes; if “RESIST” is good enough for libs in the Trump era, conservatives should adopt it if another Obama-like Leftist wins the Oval Office at some point in the future.

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