Idiot: ‘True conservative’ Trump hater Joe Walsh says he prefers Bernie’s socialism to the president’s alleged ‘authoritarianism’

By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) Uber “conservative” Joe Walsh, who is delusional enough to believe he’s going to wrest the 2020 GOP nomination from President Trump, just tweeted one of the dumbest things you’re going to read this week.

Or, maybe this year.

Walsh actually said he prefers Bernie Sanders’ socialism to President Trump’s “authoritarianism.”

Yeah, really.

First of all, Walsh’s opposition to President Trump proves hands-down that he’s no conservative.

Trump has been the most conservative president in modern history — more so, even, than the previous standard bearer, Ronald Reagan.

He’s proved that with his judicial and Supreme Court nominees alone, but add to that his border security and illegal immigration policies, his free-market economic principles, his ‘America first’ trade policies, his support for the military, and his efforts to slash government regulations, and it’s clear that Trump is a conservative’s dream president.

Or he should be.

Secondly, Walsh’s claim that Trump is an “authoritarian” is the same BS that the Left has tried to claim. But like them, Walsh can’t name a single thing this president has done that is “authoritarian.”

The Constitution remains intact. No one’s rights have been taken away. No one has been jailed for voicing the ‘wrong’ opinion or view. Trump is anything but a dictator.

And let’s be clear: Bernie is no socialist. Bernie is a Communist. And Communism, by its very nature, is authoritarian.

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Yup, really stupid. Another nominee for the ‘Two-Digit IQ Club’.


America Will Never Be a Socialist Country

— Nobody sane will vote left for National Suicide.

The Prisoner

Something is seriously wrong with Walsh.

Walsh’s radio career was doomed about 2 years ago when he stated on the air that Trump was a Russian agent.

On election night 2016, he was on the radio about 7 PM, saying Trump lost because of his big mouth.


When Bernie had that heart attack I betcha satan was rubbing his hands together.


These TDS idiots say ‘Authoritarian” and “anti-constitutional” all the time and NEVER cite what he does or has done that is either. Every step Trump takes is challenged in court. Often his actions are upheld to be constitutional and when the courts rule against him its actually the courts that are usually blurring the line of constitutionality. Either way, the nation as founded is functioning completely within the constitution, including the President. Constitutionality is what the Supreme Court decides it is, and sometimes the lower appellate courts if SCOTUS wont take the case. Regardless of anyone else’s interpretation of the… Read more »

George c
George c

Funny, but always thought socialism was run by a dictator and I actually believed a dictator is the definition of authoritarian.

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