Yes, Democrats and their fake news media buddies are LYING about Pompeo’s exchange with NPR reporter

None of them were there, but they claim to know all about it

By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) Once again, the Democratic propaganda machine, a.k.a. the “mainstream media,” is picking the wrong hill to die on in defense of a colleague.

You have have read or heard reports about how that mean, ol’ Secretary of State Mike Pompeo swore at and lambasted NPR correspondent Mary Louise Kelly before banishing him from her plane — but not before he challenged her to find Ukraine on a map.

She tried, by the way. She pointed to Bangladesh, according to reports.

Mind you, she has a bachelor’s degree in government and French literature from Harvard University and a masters in European studies from the University of Cambridge, and when Pompeo asked her if she could fine Ukraine on a map, she pointed too…Bangladesh.

Why did Pompeo ask her that question — to find Ukraine on a map?

Because after promising Pompeo before an interview she would not ask him about that country as it relates to President Trump’s impeachment (and Joe and Hunter Biden’s corrupt dealings there), she did anyway. Repeatedly. The conversation was supposed to be about Iran.

Conservative talk show giant Rush Limbaugh summed it up on his Tuesday program:

Last night CNN Tonight with Don Lemon had a discussion about secretary of state Mike Pompeo challenging an NPR reporter to find Ukraine on a map. Pompeo was lied to by the NPR reporter. He was set up twice. She promised him she was not gonna ask him about Ukraine, only Iran, and then she didn’t ask anything about Iran, and then she promised him that any conversation after the interview would be off the record. She lied about both.

Pompeo called her out, demanded that she find Ukraine on a map, and she couldn’t. The NPR reporter pointed to Bangladesh when Pompeo asked her. “You’re asking me all about Ukraine; you don’t even know where it is. Find it for me on the map.” She thought it was where Bangladesh is. So Pompeo kicked her off his airplane because she lied to him twice and set him up in this interview and the interview conversation afterwards.

Naturally, the fake news media is coming to the defense of Kelly. The German-born newsie is too smart to be unable to find Ukraine on a map, and besides, she’d never violate a confidentiality agreement.

Nancy Barnes, NPR’s senior vice president of news, said on Saturday that Kelly “has always conducted herself with the utmost integrity, and we stand behind this report.”

To add insult to injury, let’s never forget that NPR — National Public Radio — is taxpayer-funded. So we get to pay for this abuse.

Look, as we have pointed out to several of these press folks (we were summarily blocked by the pinhead Ken Dalanian from NBC News because he’s a coward), they weren’t there during the exchange between Pompeo and Kelly. So they don’t have a single clue as to what did and did not happen, and yet they’re willing to go to bat for a colleague because they ‘just know’ she has to be telling the truth and Pompeo is lying because he’s ‘Trump’s guy.’

For his part, Pompeo hasn’t backed down from reports that he used foul language to voice his displeasure with Kelly.

That said, given all of the patently fake news the mainstream media has portrayed as real since Trump took office, they don’t have much credibility with most Americans anymore.

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And they certainly don’t have enough credibility to vouch for one of their own.

As to this sanctimonious assertion that any pushback from the president or his administration against the media is an “attack,” that is simply absurd. The media is not beyond reproach or criticism, especially after being so wrong about so much regarding the Trump White House.

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