Iowa Democratic caucus chaos as party delays releasing vote tallies prompting allegations of tampering

Is the state party colluding with the DNC to shut out a rising Bernie?

By Tank Murdoch

(TNS) As of Tuesday morning, the Iowa Democratic Party still had not reported the results of Monday’s caucuses, prompting frustration among the 2020 presidential campaigns and spurring allegations of vote tampering and “rigging” of results.

As reported by Fox News, frustrated and angry campaign officials have repeatedly attempted to get some answers from IDP officials, but to no avail. Reports even noted that IDP officials have hung up on campaign representatives.

The report notes:

The Iowa Democratic Party (IDP) still has not reported official vote totals in the critical Iowa Caucuses as of early Tuesday morning, in a largely unexplained and unprecedented delay that has raised questions about the legitimacy of the contest — and Democratic campaign officials are livid, Fox News has learned.

The IDP gave what campaign officials did not consider to be a reasonable, plausible explanation for the delay.

“We found inconsistencies in the reporting of three sets of results,” the IDP said in a statement at 11:30 p.m. EST.

“In addition to the tech systems being used to tabulate results, we are also using photos of results and a paper trail to validate that all results match and ensure that we have confidence and accuracy in the numbers we report. This is simply a reporting issue. The app did not go down and this is not a hack or an intrusion. The underlying data and paper trail is sound and will simply take time to further report the results,” the IDP added.

Fox News noted that in 2016, the “Iowa caucus tallies were provided on the same day of voting, with more than 90 percent of precincts reporting by 11:00 p.m. ET that year.”

The network also noted that campaign officials were hung up on when they tried to learn the reasons for the reporting delay Tuesday.

“Yes, they did hang up,” one campaign staffer told the network.

Fox News:

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign wrote to the IDP late Tuesday, complaining about the “considerable flaws” in the caucus reporting process. Biden, who arrived in New Hampshire early Tuesday, appeared to be dramatically underperforming at several precincts in Iowa throughout the night.

Prior to Monday’s voting, there were growing indications that Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Vermont “independent” vying for the Democratic nomination for a second time, had taken a commanding lead in the state.

Also suspicious: The Des Moines Register and CNN canceled the final pre-caucus poll three days ago, allegedly over “respondent” concerns:

The Des Moines Register, CNN and Selzer & Co. have made the decision to not release the final installment of the CNN/Des Moines Register/Mediacom poll as planned Saturday evening.

Nothing is more important to the Register and its polling partners than the integrity of the Iowa Poll. Today, a respondent raised an issue with the way the survey was administered, which could have compromised the results of the poll. It appears a candidate’s name was omitted in at least one interview in which the respondent was asked to name their preferred candidate.

While this appears to be isolated to one surveyor, that could not be confirmed with certainty.

President Trump’s reelection campaign made an issue of the suspicious delay, suggesting that someone was trying to ‘rig’ the results (likely in favor of Biden):

The Trump campaign, meanwhile, openly suggested that the delay meant that the caucuses were being “rigged,” and that the embarrassing night proved that the Democratic Party can’t be trusted to run Americans’ health care and implement sweeping new government programs. Even if a winner were ultimately announced, the chaos and confusion has seemingly erased any hope for the major momentum boost that would normally result.

Update: This is why the Des Moines Register and CNN didn’t release their survey — Biden came in 4th place and, as anticipated, Sanders ran away with it.


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GiantTurd on Pelosi'sHead
GiantTurd on Pelosi'sHead

Oh, you Iowan Dems will forget all about it after a few more riggings. Just accept the fact that the DNC has chosen Hillary…oops, Biden as your choice this time around.
And move on, people, jeeesh, just who do you think you are ?


They were all far too busy cheering Rush’s cancer diagnosis. Yep, that’s what these people are all about. Disgusting wastes of skin.

I’m rooting for cornoa-aidsbola to kill off the scum. There has never been a clean election when demon-seed dems are involved. Wino Gutter Vomit people.


Tom Fitton will kick some ass and take names. It’s in every state too, especially border states.

Soros probably hires zombies to fill out ballots, and his machines are programmed to tally R votes as D votes. All widespread corruption. Voter ID ( mandatory ) is a must!

Nice little scam.