CNN does real investigative work, finds a LOT of Pennsylvania voters who are upset at Dems for impeaching Trump

And Nancy Pelosi doesn't care because her district is deep, deep blue

(TNS) Every now and then, CNN commits a random act of journalism, and it’s shocking not only to us but to them, as well.

For example, the network sent a crew to Pennsylvania over the weekend to see how the Democrat-led impeachment is playing out in a state President Donald Trump won in 2016.

What they found was not surprising to us but probably entirely surprising to the network: Voters aren’t happy with the Garbage Party for what they’ve done.

“I love him,” one woman in Blair County, Pa., told CNN. “I think what [Democrats] are doing is completely wrong. And I will vote for [Trump] in the coming election.”

“We’re gonna help him get re-elected, actually,” another person said.

One man who spoke with CNN at the local Altoona diner predicted that impeachment “will put a nail in [Democrats’] coffin.”

A local GOP chairman said he believes Trump will win the county by an even larger margin than he did in 2016, which was 71 percent to Hillary Clinton’s 25 percent.

Philip Devorris, the CEO of a local company, told CNN that impeachment has only bolstered his support for Trump.

“If [impeachment] did anything, it would make me want to support him more,” Devorris said.

Based on polling data from several surveys the Left loves to rely on, the impeachment of President Trump is not playing well for Democrats at all…anywhere. The president’s approval rating has gone up in all of them while support for impeaching and removing him from office has fallen.

You know who doesn’t care about any of that, though? Democrats like Nancy Pelosi whose district is so dark blue she could beat a kitten to death in the street and still win reelection.

The Democrats who are from Trump districts? Not so much.


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It’s clearly obvious President Trump will win by landslide in 2020.

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