Oh, look: NYTimes reporters who tried to smear Justice Kavanaugh again blame their EDITORS for getting it wrong

(NationalSentinelThe New York Times has long been a shill for the commie Left and anti-American malcontents, but the paper’s editorial and reporting staff have lost their collective minds in the Trump era.

After trying to smear Justice Brett Kavanaugh last year with BS allegations of “sexual misconduct” — claims that have been debunked over and over again like a boss — the paper tried again in recent days to smear him with The. Same. BS.

Only it backfired big time — again — when it was discovered that the prime “witness” was/is a Clinton sycophant and the alleged victim couldn’t recall the alleged incident.

Who’s to blame, though? Well, to hear the reporters tell it, The Editors Did It.

Whatever you say, ladies.


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The Democrat-Media Complex on display.


The phony lying “writers” of this article, and their lying editors ALL need to resign immediately. NYTimes has become the National Enquirer, a fantasy nutjob rag. Loathsome people! And more loathsome readers.


New York Slimes

Engle Bert
Engle Bert

The Sulzberger Family has permanently sullied its name. The Sulzberger Family calls the shots and sets the tone of the New York Times, whether deliberately or by stupid neglectful delegation of responsibility. In either case, the Sulzberger Family now has, nationally, a LOSING LEGACY until the paper rots to its core and takes down the entire descendancy of the Sulzberger Klan.

D Carpenter
D Carpenter

Doesn’t matter whether the information (that the alleged victim had no memory of the alleged crime, and refused to be interviewed) was cut by the original writers or the editors. Either way, the NYT cannot be viewed as anything more than a propaganda rag. This is still somewhat of a shock to me. I used to read that paper regularly in the 80s, less so in the 90s. By the 2000s I realized that I almost always disagreed with their slant, but since the 2016 campaign, they have gone off the deep end.

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