(National Sentinel) Media: The putrid Alt-Left, which has found a home in the Democratic Party (and the media), continues to suffer mightily from Trump Derangement Syndrome, literally manufacturing “news” in order to attack the administration.

As Breitbart News reports, a far-Left activist posed as a stringer for The Associated Press so she could sneak into an event where Trump presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway was speaking, then file a false “news” report about it:

A freelancer for the Associated Press has drawn the ire of the GOP in New Hampshire after working her way into a “closed press” fundraiser last week and then falsely reporting on the event–all after it turns out that the so-called “reporter” is actually a hardcore leftwing activist.

Following the fundraiser, the Associated Press published a short story without a byline that was “grossly inaccurate,” NHGOP adviser Patrick Hynes told local television outlet WMUR-9.

“President Donald Trump’s counselor Kellyanne Conway has told supporters in New Hampshire they should ‘just ignore’ his critics and the incessant chatter about the scandals dogging him,” the “reporter,” later learned to be Melanie Plenda, wrote for the AP.

The report also said about 150 attended, and attendees were “largely friendly” to Conway, but “some people in attendance withheld applause when Conway let loose with snarky comments about Democrat Hillary Clinton.”

“The Associated Press in New Hampshire appears to be engaged in leftwing activism rather than journalism,” Hynes told Breitbart News. “And Melanie Plenda is a leftwing activist not a journalist.”

“They conspired to sneak this leftwing activist into an event for which they were not credentialed and deliberately misreported on the attendance and the enthusiasm with which Kellyanne Conway was greeted,” Hynes said.

“Republicans across the country should be aware that the AP cannot be trusted to be fair and balanced,” Hynes said.

No wonder GOP events are closed to the press.

Further investigative work found that the person the AP believed could be an ‘impartial reporter’ wrote the following on her Facebook page just two days after Donald J. Trump became the 45th president of the United States:

The Left proves once again that the ends always justify the means when it comes to securing political power, even if they have to burn the country down in the process.


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