By Duncan Smith

A new memo from Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.), head of the Republican Study Committee, provides Republicans with far better talking points to refute Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and the Democrat Party’s push for open borders.

The memo instructs Republicans to stop making economic arguments, per se, and focus instead on how the administration’s policies harm average Americans.

In other words, the memo appears to focus attention on Donald Trump’s “America First” border message.

It says in part:

Biden's agenda rejects responsible limits and controls on the number of people entering the country.

It's as if the Biden Administration recognizes no borders at all.

President Biden's policy is not liberal, or even merely left-wing — it is radical, extreme and beyond the bounds of rational thought.

While Biden reshapes our immigration system to serve rich donors and giant corporations, we believe it must serve the interests of American citizens, families and workers. 

Trump FIXED it, Biden BROKE it. It's just that simple.

The memo goes on to lay out specific arguments:

1. National Security: Immigration policy should protect our national security by protecting the American people from terrorism, cartels, and other threats to their safety;
2. America First: Immigration policy should prioritize American workers first, help grow our middle class, raise wages, and enhance economic opportunity for all lawful residents well;
3. Rule of Law: Immigration policy should respect the rule of law, along with immigrants that honor our legal immigration processes, rather than incentivize law breaking;
4. Patriotic Assimilation: Immigration policy should aim to assimilate legal immigrants into the American family so they too can take pride in our values, history, and heritage.

Americans regardless of party recognize the need to afford basic protections to U.S. workers in the job market. And voters throughout America recognize that we must first consider the social, economic and financial well-being of all American citizens and lawful residents here today. Biden has rejected this mainstream consensus and, with virtually no announcement or discussion, is sailing the United States deep into uncharted waters.

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