By Tank Murdoch @TheNatSent

(TNS) Without question, one of the goofiest Democrat policy proposals stemming from the coronavirus pandemic is that it’s ‘safer’ to release those who are incarcerated than it is to keep them locked up.

Incarceration necessarily keeps those people out of the public sector where they are more likely to get infected than keeping them locked up, effectively quarantined.

Granted, prisoners could become infected — by a guard, perhaps — but that puts them at far less risk than the general population.

In any event, the insanity of releasing prisoners to ‘keep them safe’ has resonated with Left-wing city administrators and mayors; many incarcerated people have been released, though most of them are still being kept under lock and key or are being monitored. So what changes their coronavirus infection dynamic?

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Nothing, really. It’s just a way for Democrats to virtue signal their ‘concern’ while introducing yet another element of chaos into our society. As we’ve seen Democrats do with the coronavirus pandemic in general, spreading fear among the people generally makes it easier for them to get their political priorities effectuated.

Now, congressional Democrats want to spread their chaos to the federal level, as reported by The Daily Caller:

Democrats are introducing legislation that, if signed into law, would mandate the release of illegal aliens in detention and stop enforcement measures against a large number of aliens living unlawfully in the United States.

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker and Washington Rep. Pramila Jayapal introduced the Federal Immigrant Release for Safety and Security Together (FIRST) Act on Monday. While many Democratic members of Congress have urged the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for a rollback of enforcement measures amid the coronavirus pandemic, this bill marks one of the first instances where they are turning such concerns into legislative action.

“Detention centers are like a ticking time bomb — they are severely at risk for a COVID-19 outbreak, considering the close quarters in which detainees are housed and a population with much higher rates of underlying health issues,” Booker said in a Monday press release. 

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“We have an obligation to do everything we can to prevent the spread of this deadly disease, and that means moving people out of detention centers when they do not pose a public safety risk,” he continued.

This is classic virtue-signaling because there is no way this legislation gets through the GOP-controlled Senate or, if by some stretch it does, past President Donald Trump’s veto pen.

And Booker knows that. This is political theater, nothing more.

But it does give us a glimpse into the minds of Democrats who would, if they were in charge, no doubt implement such a policy, which would make a mockery of laws designed to protect our citizens and the integrity of our national borders.

For the record, ICE has already announced it is scaling back its enforcement operations to concentrate mostly on illegal immigrants who pose the greatest risk to society.

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But even that is perfunctory because as the U.S. Border Patrol reported recently, illegal crossings have dropped to a trickle in most sectors because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Still, Democrats are playing a dangerous game here. They are conditioning their supporters to believe that a certain level of fear and chaos is acceptable when attempting to achieve ‘noble’ policy objectives. Only, the problem is, once the chaos gets to a certain level, no one can control it.

Not even “Sparticus” Cory Booker.



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