By Duncan Smith

By now, even remotely familiar with the ‘Russian collusion’ hoax launched against then-candidate Donald Trump’s Republican presidential bid has heard the name of Christopher Steele.

He’s the guy who drafted that phone ‘dossier’ the FBI relied on to get spy warrants on Trump campaign official Carter Page.

The FBI knew the dossier was BS but they kept using it anyway.

The knew that because the bureau also knew that Steele, a former MI6 spy, was unreliable.

Now, we find out that he must have had some pull at our State Department because he got someone there to destroy a whole bunch of records relating, probably, to the Russian collusion hoax.

The Daily Caller has a bunch of details:

A former State Department official told the Senate Intelligence Committee he destroyed records in January 2017 at the request of former British spy Christopher Steele, according to a report released on Tuesday.

Jonathan Winer, who served as special envoy to Libya through early 2017, was Steele's contact at the State Department. He arranged a meeting for Steele in October 2016 with another State Department official at Foggy Bottom to share findings from a dossier of research he had compiled on Donald Trump.

The Senate Intelligence Committee interviewed Winer twice about his contacts with Steele and his handling of the dossier, on July 10, 2021 and April 18, 2018.

According to the Senate report, Winer disclosed that he destroyed reports that Steele had sent him over the years. The Senate report also says that Winer failed to reveal when asked in his first interview with the committee that he had arranged the meeting for Steele at the State Department months earlier.

'After Steele's memos were published in the press in January 2017, Steele asked Winer to make note of having them, then either destroy all the earlier reports Steele had sent the Department of State or return them to Steele, out of concern that someone would be able to reconstruct his source network,' the Senate report notes.

“So I destroyed them, and I basically destroyed all the correspondence I had with him,” Winer says, the report noted further.

'In his first interview with the Committee, Winer discussed how he shared a summary of Steele's reports within the Department of State and his other activities in September or October of 2016, but he omitted facilitating meetings between Steele and U.S. Government officials during September and October 2016,' the report says.

'However, in his second interview, when shown visitor logs from the Department of State listing Steele as his visitor, Winer said he remembered bringing Steele to the Department of State but did not recall when.'


The DC adds it isn’t clear whether Winer’s actions violate State Dept. rules or the law, but he clearly destroyed the correspondence for a reason — like, perhaps, to cover his tracks after Trump won?

Inquiring minds at the Justice Department should want to know.

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