White House blasts Schiff, mainstream media for latest ‘Russia’ hoax: ‘When will they stop trusting him?’

Trump has said a number of times he'd like to have better relations with Russia, and there's nothing wrong with that

By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley told Fox News’ “American Newsroom” on Monday the latest accusations and insinuations by The New York Times and other media claiming that Vlad Putin is in President Donald Trump’s corner for 2020 is heap big BS.

Not only that, but Gidley wondered aloud just how many times the media were going to allow themselves to be abused by political hacks like House Intelligence Committee chair Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), whom most everyone with critical thinking skills believes is the one who keeps leaking this nonsense to them.

“It’s another Russia witch hunt hoax. It started when this president took over in the White House and it continues today. They cannot get past themselves on these Russian lies,” Gidley said.

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“I don’t know how many times journalists have to get leaks from Adam Schiff, or his staffers that are completely false and proven to be a lie before they just start discounting everything he says. It’s absolutely incredible to watch what they’re trying to do to this president,” he added.

“Democrats continue to do those selective leaks, like they did with [Brett] Kavanaugh, like they did with impeachment time and time again. They’re trying to manipulate the system, hurt this president and the media sadly is complicit and compliant with everything these Democrats are trying to do,” he concluded.

All true, and of course, the critical thinker would have difficulty squaring the accusation — especially by now — that Trump is Putin’s stooge just based on the policies that the president has pursued and implemented.

— Trump has approved tens of billions more in Pentagon spending than Obama, much of which has gone into new weapons systems. Question: Would a stronger American military be in Putin’s best interests…or not?

— Trump has been pressing NATO allies to meet their requirement of spending 2 percent of their GDP on their militaries. Right now, less than half do, though NATO leaders say the numbers are improving. Question: Would a stronger NATO, pushed by Trump, be in Putin’s best interests…or not?

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— Trump has been tougher on Russia than Obama ever was, as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo acknowledged again recently. Question: Are sanctions, the beefing up U.S. military assets in Europe, and security pledges to Poland and other vulnerable countries on Russia’s western perimeter in Putin’s best interests…or not?

These are all legitimate national security issues that should be fleshed out during the president’s debates with whomever the Democrats finally nominate. Trump has said a number of times he’d like to have better relations with Russia, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Why not try to improve relations with a heavily armed nuclear power, if it’s possible?

Remember when Obama tried, via his bozo criminal secretary of state, Hillary “Reset Button” Clinton? Lame though it was, if that was okay, why isn’t alright for President Trump?

Oh, right. ‘Collusion’ or something.

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The fact is, the ‘mainstream’ media is merely the Democratic Party’s propaganda division. They all know who and what Schiff is, but ‘trusting’ him — that is, using whatever information he feeds them — all serves the greater purpose: Destabilizing and undermining President Trump.

So, they aren’t ‘dupes’ so much as they are willing participants.


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James Mathieson

adam schiff should be hung for treason


The rubes on the Left eat this stuff up like dessert, but the rest of America roll our eyes and snicker about how dumb the Left are.


There are no repercussions for these hacks. No one loses their job. No one loses their pension. No one goes to jail. Of course, I’m talking about the Democrats. The only punishment comes to those that dare try to expose them from their side. Those folks end up dead.


Like the boy who cried wolf. Little Adam, will eventually go away and his idiot followers, will find themselves lost and unresected.
The perfect storm for insane actions and violence.
Which is what the Dem’s want badly.
To project their ills, on others.

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