(National Sentinel) Labor: It’s examples like this one that a) make Americans resent unions; and b) make Americans resent the federal workforce.

According to new labor filings, the federal government worker’s union spent $20 million more last year on political operations and such than it did supporting its own members, the Washington Free Beacon reported, adding:

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) spent $55.3 million on “political activities and lobbying” in 2016 compared to the $36.4 million in expenditures related to “representational activities,” such as contract negotiations and grievance managements for its membership, according to its 2016 federal labor filings. Its political spending accounted for more than 27 percent of all its expenditures for the year.

AFSCME, which represents 1.3 million public sector employees, is one of the most politically active unions in the country. It contributed $14.1 million to political candidates in 2016 and spent an additional $25.2 million on outside spending, putting it among the top 30 spenders in both categories, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Nearly all of that money went to aid Democratic candidates.

Now, you may say, well, so what? Maybe most of the members are Democrats and, thus, don’t care that their union is helping to support candidates they support.

Fair enough. But then, why would you tolerate a party that has no problem bilking members of tens of millions of dollars per year in dues, much of which is spent on political activity, then complain when corporations and billionaire donors support Republican candidates? At least in those latter instances, the money spent is earned, not collected as part of a job requirement.

Truth be told, there is too much money in politics on both sides of the aisle. Americans’ interests are a distant second to the bought-and-paid-for interests of unions, corporations, and big-money donors on both sides of the aisle.

Political bribery is okay; regularly bribery by regular folks is not okay.


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