More on the Dems secret ‘impeachment inquiry’: This is the kind of stuff our founders rebelled against (Video)

(TNS) On Wednesday, a group of Republicans led by Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida ‘stormed‘ a hearing room in the basement of the U.S. Capitol Building where that pencil neck piece of animal dung Adam Schiff was holding yet another day’s worth of secret “impeachment hearings.”

Frankly, it was good to see Republicans find their nut sacks and take on these lawless piece of shit Democrats at their own game.

The dogshit “mainstream media” and ass clowns like Rep. Ted Lieu (Dumbass-Calif.) all whined that Republicans ‘broke the rules’ by entering the SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) where Schiff has been holding his secret clown show and fake impeachment inquiry.

Technically speaking, yeah, some of them did if they entered the SCIF without being authorized to do so and if they carried personal communication devices like cellphones.

Some of the Republican members were aiming to get arrested for their actions so they could be frog-marched out of Congress in front of America to drive home the point that Schiff and the Garbage Party are ass-fucking the Constitution and the normal impeachment processes.

Oh, and highlight the fact that there really isn’t a legitimate impeachment process taking place: It’s all bullshit, and what’s worse, it’s the same kind of bullshit that our founders rebelled against back in the day when they gave King George and the authoritarian British Crown the ol’ high hard one.

The Garbage Party and the Democratic activists who call themselves journalists have been stumping for President Trump’s impeachment before the man was even inaugurated. They’re pissed off not simply because he beat the perennially corrupt Bitch Hillary, but because Trump is Trump and he isn’t ‘one of them.’

So this claim that suddenly, because the president dared to investigate Democrat corruption stemming from the 2016 presidential election by asking for assistance from Ukraine — which did interfere on behalf of Bitch Hillary — he’s a criminal who must be … impeached!

It’s all bullshit, but if the Garbage Party insists on ripping to shreds what remains of our country’s stability and social fabric, thank God there are enough Republicans left in DC with some cajones to stand up to this fucking tyranny.

Because that’s what the founders of our republic did.


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Pretty much an embarrassment to the world. Demon-seeds subverting our Constitution.

Waiting for our dept. of injustice to revert to a department of Justice.

Enjoy the Klown show.


“Spiritual wickedness in high places”

Get out the chainsaw and woodchippers.

Put these dirty abominations in their place!

David Brooks

Stop using all the filthy language and more people will read your articles.


Adler, Schiff and Waters are a nightmare along with the other “democrats” in DC. They are a fraud! Newsom, Feinstein and Waters should be removed from the California state government. We here in California are terrified of the “wild fires”. I remember when wild fires were caused by random lightning strikes in remote area of wilderness. Now they are targeting cities! Huge power outages. As many as 850,000 residents have to go for several days without electricity! This isn’t mother nature, it’s political! The east coast is under water, the mid west is getting tornadoes and blizzards and the west… Read more »

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