Dems get their wish: ICE releases ’16 illegals’ from infected countries including Italy, endangering more Americans

The party of death won't be happy until the country plunges into a full-blown depression

By Tank Murdoch @TheNatSent

(TNS) Last week, 14 Democrats led by Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota wrote a letter to the Department of Homeland Security demanding the agency end its “status quo” of keeping migrants detained because of ‘muh coronavirus.’

The letter is part of the current trend among unhinged, dangerous Leftists who are using the outbreak as an excuse to release dangerous criminals into society rather than keeping them in jail and, thus, sequestered from the general public.

It makes no sense whatsoever to release people in custody ‘because of the virus.’ None. But the Left’s objective in all of this is becoming clearer by the day: Use the outbreak to create as much chaos as possible in an election year for the Trump administration to try and clean up.

Per The Intercept:

The letter came less than 24 hours after officials in New Jersey confirmed that a member of an Immigration Customs Enforcement medical team at the Elizabeth Detention Center had tested positive for Covid-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus. In addition, officials in New Jersey said a correctional officer at Bergen County Jail, which contracts with ICE, had tested positive for Covid-19, though the individual reportedly had no contact with ICE detainees or others in custody.

“Immigration detention facilities, even before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, have been breeding grounds for illness,” Omar wrote. “For detainees who are immunocompromised or otherwise susceptible to the worst consequences of contracting Covid-19, holding them in detention may be literally a matter of life or death.”

None of these Left-wing lunatics has bothered to explain how releasing prisoners and detainees into public — where there is coronavirus — is safer, better, less dangerous, etc. But then, we don’t have a real media establishment in America anymore, just propagandists and lackeys for the Garbage Party.

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In any event, it appears as those the lunatics are getting their wish.

As The Daily Caller reports, ICE has released “16 illegals” into the country’s interior who were captured after traveling to the U.S. from countries where coronavirus is present and spreading:

Art Del Cueto, vice president of the National Border Patrol Council, spoke with the Daily Caller about the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Del Cueto also claims U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement released foreign nationals who crossed the U.S. border illegally after traveling through coronavirus-plagued countries before entering Mexico.

“The agency did apprehend 16 individuals of special interest from a different country. It wasn’t from a Latin American country, it was from a country overseas. It was verified that they came through Spain and Italy, they were detained over the weekend they were handed over to ICE, and now I’m hearing that ICE is handing them over with release papers to Catholic services — so they will be released on their own recognizance,” said Del Cueto.

Oh, perfect.

Now look, we’re under the impression around here that coronavirus, while spreading rapidly in places like New York City, still isn’t the planet killer it’s been made out to be.

And while infection rates will go up, the vast majority of deaths are still occurring in the most vulnerable populations — older Americans, people with preexisting conditions, etc. (which isn’t being reported by the Garbage Party’s propagandists).

But that said, what kind of idiocy is it to release potentially infected people from other countries into ours when our own people are being told to stay inside their homes at risk of arrest and/or loss of employment?

This situation has gone beyond the absurd. Here’s hoping the president is prepared to dial back on this nonsense before the country plunges into a decade-long depression.


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I betcha 90% of inmates don’t wear MAGA hats, and don’t vote Trump.

Proving once again, democratic-satanists are the enemy of America.


What are we waiting for? Pelosi and Schumer need to be thrown in Gitmo as enemy combatants. They could be sewer-water boarded but they would probably enjoy it.


Since when do congressmen dictate what our agencies do?


So let me get this right.
14 idiot Dems led by Raghead Omar write a letter to DHS demanding possible disease infested illegal cockroaches be turned loose and DHS says :
OK. No problem.
What in the hell is going on ?
Is this a bad dream ?

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