Coronavirus: How much more at RISK have Democrats, Leftist judges put Americans by blocking Trump’s border security policies?

"President Trump was absolutely right to focus on border control"

By Tank Murdoch

(TNS) As more Americans become infected with Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) and governors shut down their states, closing businesses and causing no shortage of economic pain, it begs a question.

How responsible for at least some of this are Democrats and judicial activist federal judges who have worked to block virtually all of President Donald Trump’s border and port security policies?

It’s not just a hyperbolic question when you consider that at least some medical experts now believe that coronavirus, which for the vast majority of Americans who contract it will only experience mild to moderate symptoms, likely has been in the U.S. for some time now.

The New York Times reported March 1 that “gene sequencing” suggests the bug has been in the country for awhile:

Researchers who have examined the genomes of two coronavirus infections in Washington State say the similarities between the cases suggest that the virus may have been spreading in the state for weeks.

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Washington had the United States’ first confirmed case of coronavirus, announced by the Ceners for Disease Control and Prevention on Jan. 20. Based on an analysis of the virus’s genetic sequence, another case that surfaced in the state and was announced on Friday probably was descended from that first case.

Stu Cvrk, writing at Red State, notes that President Trump’s border security policies were 180 degrees the opposite of his predecessor, President Obama, and that’s a good thing.

In fact, many political analysts believe that President Trump’s border policies are what led him to the White House. But once he got there in January 2017, every one of his border and immigration security policies were challenged, and most successfully.

That included his early travel bans, if you recall — not for reasons of pandemic potential but for reasons of national security. And that didn’t matter to Democrats, Left-wing organizations aligned with the Garbage Party, and activist judges.

Cvrk notes:

President Trump was absolutely right to focus on border control and to declare a border emergency due to the unchecked flood of illegal aliens and drug and human trafficking across our southern border. That rationale included stopping the spread of infectious diseases not seen in the US for decades. Enlisting Mexico to do their part to cut down the flow of illegals has paid dividends in reducing cross-border traffic. These continuing border security actions undoubtedly slowed the spread of the Wuhan virus and saved American lives.

But holes remain in the president’s border security strategy.

Continued court battles and lack of funding from Democrats in the House have delayed the construction of the border wall, for example. And while walls can be (and have been) breached, they are nevertheless handy impediments that greatly reduce illegal trafficking of humans (and drugs…and disease, potentially) into our country.

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Kris Kobach, former Kansas secretary of state who has become an expert in immigration policy, writes at Breitbart that much needs to still be done in order to cut off the flow of potentially infected Chinese illegal immigrants:

[L]ast year there was a massive increase in the number of Chinese nationals sneaking across the Mexican border. In FY 2019, the number of Chinese migrants caught at the southern border in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) Sector increased 85%, from approximately 700 to over 1,300. 

Thousands of Chinese nationals successfully entered the country illegally across the southern border in FY 2019. And none of them were screened for the coronavirus. Not tests, no quarantines, nothing.

Unfortunately, that huge flow of Chinese illegal aliens has created travel networks that other Chinese nationals have been able to use to evade the travel ban from China that President Trump prudently announced on January 31.

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And it’s happening. As of this writing, according to Border Patrol figures, more than 350 Chinese nationals have been apprehended at the southern border since January 1.

Plus, as Kobach correctly points out, you can figure that for every illegal immigrant caught, there are as many as five to 10 who get through.

“While Americans are being quarantined in their own homes in certain states to contain the spread of the virus, the southern border is still like Swiss cheese. Who knows how many infected illegals continue to cross the border each and every day? Completely closing the border and controlling all ports of entry into the US is a national imperative during this crisis,” Cvrk writes.

In fact, the majority of Americans are in favor of that very policy, as well as the president’s overall coronavirus strategy.

But we have to ask: Have recalcitrant Democrats and politically motivated federal judges made us all less safe during this pandemic?


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Decades of diseased rapefugees and border hoppers were designed to breakdown our infrastructure. Cheap labor shitbombs our taxpayers and burns down 15% of the middle-class. Blame Homobama and his coven leftist-marxist satanists.

Then that satanic anusface, soros sends us ebolaboons and putopian shemales with aids.

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Larry Pierson
Larry Pierson

Does anyone recall the German measles outbreak among visitors in Disneyland about 5 years ago? This is what happens when we have uncontrolled immigration.

New technologies now make it possible to screen, in real time, for fevers at all ports of entry. There is no excuse to not implement these technologies, and no excuse not to seal our borders anymore.


Flood the country with illegal cockroaches. The Dems win forever.
That’s the plan.
These marxist judges should be in Leavenworth.
Then after a speedy trial, shot at dawn. Dump their bodies on the south side of the border.
I don’t want their carcasses on our soil.



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