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FRAUD: Ill. Democratic congressional candidate running as a “registered nurse” has never actually been one

(National SentinelCampaign Tales: While it’s a crime almost everywhere to impersonate a police officer, it’s not a crime to impersonate a healthcare provider, at least not while you’re running for office.

As such, Illinois Democratic congressional candidate Lauren Underwood isn’t likely to suffer any legal fallout for claiming to be a nurse, though she’s never actually done any nursing.

According to the Kane County Reporter, Underwood — who hopes to unseat incumbent U.S. Rep. Randy Hultgren — is being portrayed as “the Naperville nurse running for Congress,” though the newspaper is reporting that she herself has said she has no interest in the profession and never really did:

In college, congressional candidate Lauren Underwood studied to be a nurse.

Not that she ever aspired to work with actual patients.

Her University of Michigan classmates spent their summers working at hospitals, assisting doctors and learning on the job. But Underwood headed to Washington, D.C., instead, to intern for then-U.S. Senator Barack Obama.

“ICU (intensive care unit) or mother-baby, like that just wasn’t my interest,” she said in an interview with former Obama campaign staffer and podcaster Ravi Gupta on his program, “The Arena,” in April. “I always knew that this policy space was where I would land.”

And yet, Underwood is posing as a nurse – wearing scrubs while sporting a stethoscope and carrying what appears to be a patient’s record on a clipboard in a clinic setting – in her campaign ads without ever having performed nursing duties.

Her LinkedIn page says that her first post-college job was in 2010 with the Obama administration working on the roll-out of Obamacare. That makes perfect sense; she’s not really a nurse and Obamacare never did live up to Democrats’ claims that it would ‘fix’ our ‘broken’ healthcare system. 

Her bio further states that she worked “preparing memos and briefing materials” for then-Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, according to the Kane County Reporter.And while Underwood never wanted to be a nurse and hasn’t practiced as one, the ‘genius’ political consultants running her campaign thought it would be just peachy to lie to her constituents about it.

While her bio describes her as a “registered nurse,” she appears to blatantly lie during interviews and speeches about how all of her ‘intimate’ contact with patients are what drove her to run against Hultgren.

She even told Now This Politics that, “as a nurse, I have looked into my patients’ eyes when giving discharge instructions knowing they cannot afford the prescription that we’re handing to them,” the Kane County Reporternoted.

But in her bio, she has never worked in a hospital setting, a clinic, or anywhere she would have to discharge patients. 

TV commercials also portray her in “hands-on” situations providing ‘nursing care’ wearing all the garb of a nurse — in an ad that was shot in a Naperville dentist’s office, no less.


She can’t even be honest about the effects of the law she helped roll out. One of the many promises Obama and Democrats made regarding the former president’s signature healthcare law is that it would also lower costs including prescriptions (though POTUS Trump is now pledging to do that). It hasn’t; in fact, prescriptions — like the cost of care in general — have gone up.

Like this fake nurse, Obamacare is a phony healthcare reform law.

And this was the best the Democrats could field?

What is it about their candidates that make them incapable of being truthful and honest?

Whether Underwood defeats Hultgren or not is almost beside the point. The fact that she has to lie about her “qualifications” as an alleged member of an esteemed and noble profession should tell Texas 14th Congressional District voters all they need to know about her integrity, or lack of it.

A version of this story first appeared at NewsTarget.

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8 Comments on FRAUD: Ill. Democratic congressional candidate running as a “registered nurse” has never actually been one

  1. Pretty sure this race is in Illinois, not Texas

  2. Bad article. Just because she may have had a dearth of patients doesn’t mean she isn’t a LICENSED REGISTERED nurse. “Registered” means registered: She supplied her credentials on her website. We have to call out fake news ESPECIALLY when it’s coming from “conservatives”. When TRUTH is on our side, we don’t have to lie. Her Illinois Registered Nurse License Number is #IL:041.449058. Her Maryland Registered Nurse License Number is #R184104. Her Washington D.C. Registered Nurse License Number is #RN1027470.

  3. Her Illinois Registered Nurse License Number is #IL:041.449058. Her Maryland Registered Nurse License Number is #R184104. Her Washington D.C. Registered Nurse License Number is #RN1027470.

  4. DemocRATs can only win elections by lying and/or cheating.

  5. While I didn’t see any nurse reference in a quick perusal of the body of her website, this is the opening statement in the selection paragraph:
    “Lauren Underwood is a registered nurse and health policy expert from Naperville who is running for Congress to represent her community: Illinois’ 14th district. ”
    She does not have a license in the state of Illinois.

  6. Jimmy Hoo explain this IDPH listing:

    Home | Search

    Validate SSN
    Lauren Underwood

    Work Eligibility: NotYetDetermined

    In addition to Work Eligibility, Employers are responsible for checking “Training and Work History” and “Certification Program Information” to determine if person is eligible to work in a position that requires certification, such as a CNA, DD Aide, or DSP.

    Administrative Findings:
    No administrative findings on record.

    IDPH Determination of Illinois State Police Background Check:

    Last Employment Verification:

    Certification Program Information:
    No programs on record.

    Date Training Successfully Completed:

    Date of Competency Evaluation:
    No competencies on record.

    • This is where I got the above post for Lauren Underwood:
      Illinois Health Care Worker Registry:
      Underwood Lakecia Marie F Black 66″ Brown Details
      UNDERWOOD LANCE M White Details
      Underwood Larry Gerrell M Unknown 67″ Brown Details
      Underwood Latasha F Details
      UNDERWOOD LATASHA R F Black 65″ Brown Details
      Underwood Lauren F White Details
      UNDERWOOD LAWRENCE D M White 73″ Blue Details
      Underwood Linda Carol F White 64″ Blue Details
      Underwood Lisa Ann F White 66″ Blue Details
      Underwood Lori J F White Details
      Underwood Lorraine F Black 66″ Brown Details

  7. Nursing is a profession that can be used in clinical care, research, teaching, law and many other areas. All registered nurses have to do extensive clinical hours to sit for state licencing exams. Ms Underwood would have had patient care experience during her education. Please quit trying to discredit this woman based on false speculation.

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