By Duncan Smith

One thing is certain: If ‘the science’ fits the agenda of shutdown Democrats during the COVID-19 pandemic, they will defer to it.

When it doesn’t, they won’t.

‘The science’ says that kids should be in school, not reliant on ‘remote learning.’ In-person classes are far superior and they are much more conducive to learning.

But that doesn’t fit the shutdown Democrats’ agenda.

And the agenda is, keep President Trump’s America shut down as long as possible so it harms him at the polls in November.

Regardless of how much our country and our people lose.

That said, according to a new analysis, if most schools remain shuttered for an extended period this fall, ostensibly to ‘protect kids and teachers’ from coronavirus, we’re going to see another recession and our economy will lose hundreds of billions of dollars.

The Blaze reports:

report this month from Barron’s examined those questions and came up with a troubling answer: Keeping schools closed may well cost the U.S. economy more than $700 billion.

The Barron’s report started with an ominous note: “The only thing standing between a recovery and a double-dip recession might be the back-to-school season.”

As the new school year starts, Barron’s noted, 56 million students from kindergarten to 12th grade are facing all sorts of new challenges — most are going to have to use distance learning, which presents unique academic challenges, while others will face the challenge of dealing with COVID regulations within their schools.

But those challenges might just pale in comparison to the economic challenge of not returning to in-class instruction.

“The risks to reopening schools are clear — they could become a new epicenter for Covid-19,” Barron’s said, “but the costs of keeping schools closed could be even higher.”

Just how much higher?

Barron’s says the U.S. would be looking at $700 billion in lost revenue and productivity, which would be 3.5% of GDP, Axios said.

The impact closed schools will have on the economy is connected to our nation’s decision to have schools act as child care so that parents can go to work. With kids at home, parents are being forced to give up work hours or quit their jobs altogether.

Okay, schools are not there to be “child care” centers, but the point is taken: When kids are in school, parents are free to earn a living.

Democrats know this. But when the unhinged objective is to harm the country to destroy a presidency, nothing else matters, including the welfare of the county.


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