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Danny Glover’s plea for slavery reparations feeds into all the negative stereotypes about blacks

By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) When actors and actresses have made their fortune and they no longer have to scrimp, save, and bust ass to land a job, they generally become ‘political activists’ and almost always stump for Left-wing causes.

As successful an actor as there is, Danny Glover doesn’t need to work these days as he did three decades ago when he Mel Gibson were making the “Lethal Weapon” series a major brand. So he has lots of time for political activism.

It’s just too bad that he is choosing to use his fame for an issue that feeds into some of the worst stereotypes about the black community.

On Tuesday Glover became the latest notable black figure to claim American citizens today somehow owe blacks billions of dollars in slavery reparations.

Legislation has once again been introduced in the House and Senate to establish a “commission” to ‘study’ the issue of reparations, as PJ Media noted:

Rep. Shiela Jackson Lee (D-Texas) is the lead sponsor of H.R. 40. Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) is the lead sponsor of the Senate version of the bill. “The purpose of the hearing is to examine, through open and constructive discourse, the legacy of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, its continuing impact on the community and the path to restorative justice,” read a House Judiciary Committee press release.

Glover called the hearing on H.R. 40 an “important step” in the struggle to repair the “damages inflicted by enslavement and post-emancipation and racial exclusionary policies.”

During his testimony, Glover — the great-grandson of a slave — said that a “national reparations policy” for descendants of slaves is “a moral, democratic and economic imperative” to address “structural racism” that limits “full democratic participation and material advancement of African Americans.”

He added that reparations would “repair the damages of legally and often religiously sanctioned inhumanity of slavery, segregation and current structural racism that limit full democratic participation and material advancement of African Americans and of our country’s progress as a beacon of justice and equality.”

Let’s take a look at the purpose of the hearing and Glover’s allegations, which don’t differ significantly from similar ones made by other blacks in recent years.

First and foremost, it goes without saying that at a horrendous cost of some 700,000 American lives, slavery was eradicated from America nearly 170 years ago in a civil war that nearly split the nation in two permanently.

Since then, there have been constitutional amendments, laws, and federal policies ratified and approved to both outlaw indentured servitude and to integrate blacks fully as equal members of American society.

In fact, some can successfully argue that civil rights laws that long ago established quotas for blacks (and other minorities) in employment, academia, sports, and other segments of society go above and beyond the Constitution’s “equality” mandate. Adopted to atone for our country’s ‘original sin’ of slavery, these laws and policies are now a source of anger and resentment for scores of Americans who don’t dare speak out over fears of being labeled “racist!”

Glover claims that blacks don’t have “full democratic participation” opportunities in 2019 America due to existing “structural racism.” But as usual, he and other blacks who make such claims can’t and won’t point to specific instances where, by law, blacks are discriminated against, denied opportunities, and continue to be treated as second-class citizens.

In fact, there is no law on the books today anywhere that officially sanctions the kind of racism and discrimination that Glover claims still exists. That includes “racial exclusionary policies.” We just don’t have them anymore and haven’t for more than a century.

As for ‘repairing the damage done by slavery,’ how, pray tell, would money accomplish that? Furthermore, how can anyone hold Americans today liable for a 19th-century social sin?

The reason why ‘race’ continues to be such an issue in America is that black activists like Danny Glover, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Marc Lamont Hill, and scores more African American race hustlers won’t let this issue be resolved.

No matter how many policies are adopted, laws are passed, or constitutional amendments are ratified, it’s never been enough. And it is never going to be enough.

If they were, then race hustlers like Sharpton and Jackson wouldn’t have anywhere near the influence they still have. The 1960s and 1970s civil rights movement has been over for half a century, yet they’re still around claiming ‘nothing’s changed’ and ‘we’re still discriminated against.’

It’s baloney.

That’s why forcing Americans today to fork over billions of dollars to blacks who have never experienced slavery first-hand, let alone know someone who did, is not just ludicrous. It is racially inflammatory in and of itself. And divisive.

If ever there was a time when ‘the country’ owed blacks reparations, that day has long since passed. Today’s America offers a plethora of opportunities for everyone who seeks them. Skin color doesn’t matter. What does still count, however, is hard work, determination, drive, ambition, and the will to succeed.

And even then, if you’re a minority, you will get additional special treatment just because of your ethnicity.

American Liberty: “Established 1776” Order yours now!

You know, just like whites used to get, and which blacks used to rightfully complain about.

The reparations push isn’t going anywhere like it hasn’t gone anywhere in the past. Nevertheless, bringing the issue up, again and again, is only keeping racism alive and well in a country that has done everything right in trying to vanquish it.

Shame on multi-millionaire Danny Glover, who seems to have done alright in such a racist, bigoted country, and the other reparations scam artists for that.

Only the congressional race hustlers who scheduled the hearing in the first place share more blame. How dare they waste time on this nonsense when the border is under siege, Iran is making moves in the Persian Gulf, and the U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement still hasn’t been approved.

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16 Comments on Danny Glover’s plea for slavery reparations feeds into all the negative stereotypes about blacks

  1. Reparations = One Way Ticket back to Africa. These people want to be Africans instead of Americans, then get them the Hell out of the USA. Glover can drive the boat.

  2. bob Theman // June 19, 2021 at 6:12 pm // Reply

    I have ancestors who fought and died to free the slaves in the civil war. I think it only just that the descendants of slaves be forced to pay me a portion of their reparations to compensate me for my loss.

  3. so glover, when can your fellow blacks expect to see checks from you in their mail?? I mean you feel so badly about something that none of us had anything to do with its just natural to assume you will give them all that you have just so you can feel better.

  4. All right, I get my $50000 in reparations, buy me a new Cadillac, head to Vegas and gamble away what’s left, return to my apartment, then, a few months later, my Caddy needs some serious repairs, I am short on cash, so I walk down to the corner store where the brothers hang out and I join the never-ending conversation about how the white man is keeping me down and owes me more reparations

  5. sum1lssfalt // June 19, 2021 at 7:29 pm // Reply

    I’m 1/1024th black so do I get reparations too.

  6. william chandler // June 19, 2021 at 7:31 pm // Reply

    Did you know that Africa was enslaving her own people thousands of years before a white man set foot on the Dark Continent? That white American slavery laid the foundation for black American slavery? That Africa enslaved 1.5 million whites in the 1700s? That genuine slavery was never practiced in the South? That the American slave trade got its start in the North? That the American abolition movement began in the South? That five times more blacks fought for the rebels? Did you know that there were thousands of African-American and American Indian slave owners in early America? That less than 5% of white Southerners owned slaves? That the Emancipation Proclamation did not free a single slave—and was not meant to? That until the last day of his life Lincoln campaigned to have all blacks deported to Africa? That Jefferson Davis abolished the foreign slave trade before Lincoln? That Davis adopted a black child during the war?

  7. rufusvondufus // June 19, 2021 at 8:09 pm // Reply

    Glover is a stinking black poc who thinks he is intelligent enough to speak on the topic. Well, he is not and until he walks in the shoes of the downtrodden he can esad!

  8. Hey i want reparations too, my feelings have been hurt sometime in my lifetime…
    I was treated as a 2nd class citizen when i was growing up by Whites and Blacks because my parents were refugees from WWII.

  9. Kevin Bearly // June 20, 2021 at 1:13 am // Reply

    This is an indication of how immoral many people have become. Glover has benefited by living in the US yet he hates it.

  10. Bruce Branz // June 20, 2021 at 1:50 am // Reply

    The union soldiers who died deserve reparations, along with American soldiers who died defeating the NAZIs. They deserve reparations from Germany and Japan ! ! !

  11. Poor old Murtaugh…he’s EXACTLY the kind of gullible rube the Democrats rely on. They have totally convinced his ilk they are lifelong victims. Doesn’t he see that he’s got it better than MANY MANY MANY whites? Pfffft! Really racist society here….dummy.

  12. Hey Danny Glover. Sorry about the slavery thing, bud. Our bad. We didn’t mechanical farm equipment back then. That is in the past. Time to get over it. We’ve righted the wrong. You’re free now. Sorry, no money. Have a nice day and STFU.

  13. My ancestors had their slaves taken away, shouldn’t I be compensated for their loss?

  14. TK Brinkman // June 20, 2021 at 12:29 pm // Reply

    Here’s what I always bring up with this. What is the number? Give me the number and we’ll put it to a vote. However, in any deal both sides get something. So for the other side of this coin blacks will give up all benefits they receive based on their race including but not limited to the following. Black history month, black only colleges, NAACP, BAMN, hiring quotas, the Rooney rule, college admission quotas, the United Negro College Fund, the Black Caucus, ADL, minority preference for govt jobs, and the use of the words honkey, cracker, whitey, and redneck.

  15. If racism is structural, then money can’t cure it.

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