By Duncan Smith

For years, the pathetic FBI has used entrapment as a law enforcement strategy, setting up ‘stings’ by posing to be criminals.

In essence, they create a crime situation, entice some poor soul, who otherwise wouldn’t, to partake in it, then arrest them and have them locked up.

Now, it seems, functionaries and bureaucrats on the local level are taking their cue from the feds in ways that should infuriate you.

In Michigan, which is run by that lunatic tyrant Gretchen “Perpetual Lockdowns” Whitmer, an employee at one of her state agencies just posed as an out-of-luck hungry man just so he could get a small bar and grill shut down because muh coronavirus restrictions.

Breitbart News has the details:

Michigan state Sen. Tom Barrett (R) recounted a story of a business owner last week about an alleged incident with a compliance agent from the Liquor Control Commission.

According to Barrett, an individual approached Charlie's Bar and Grill in Potterville, saying he was 'really lonely and asked if he could have something to eat.”

The restaurateur 'felt bad for the man and served him a meal,' Barrett said.

He said the owner thought nothing of helping someone in need. But, according to Barrett, it was not simply a man down on his luck, but rather an agent of the Liquor Control Commission was who was apparently attempting to entrap the business owner.

A few days later, the liquor license of Charlie's Bar and Grill was suspended after allegedly violating Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's (D-MI) lockdown orders.

'Nobody in the Liquor Control Enforcement Division is missing a paycheck right now, wondering how they'll get through Christmas,' Barrett noted, unlike many business owners and employees affected by the mandates, Breitbart added.

Serious question, dear reader: What do you think ought to happen to this liquor control agent, this hack wannabe FBI puke who gets his jollies entrapping a small business owner who is fighting to stay afloat, financially, while state dicks live well and eat regularly?

Frankly, this guy can’t have his a** beat enough for doing this.

And these fools wonder why we hate them and the governments they work for.

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