As Leftist sickos cheered for Iranian militants to kill Americans in Baghdad, Trump acted to prevent another ‘Benghazi’

This is the difference between an 'America first' and an 'America last' president

By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) Leftist Democrats are disgusting, miserable people anyway, but they took their behavior to new lows on Tuesday as events unfolded in Baghdad.

As Jonathan Davis at Great Power War noted, it appears as though a proxy war between the U.S. and Iran is brewing in Iraq following exchanges of rocket fire and airstrikes late last month.

Tensions ramped up Monday and Tuesday as Iran-backed militants besieged the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, setting some buildings on fire and threatening to kill every American inside the compound.

That thrilled Left-wing so-and-so’s who took to social media to champion…the enemy.

Nothing like hoping and praying for death to American military and diplomatic personnel so you can use their demise as a political weapon against a president you irrationally hate.

But President Donald Trump is no Barack Obama; Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sure as hell isn’t Hillary Clinton. Instead of stranding American military and diplomatic personnel at the Baghdad embassy, Trump took immediate and decisive action to assist them.

Red State notes:

A week prior the event, the Administration ordered the evacuation of all nonessential personnel from Iraq. At the time this was portrayed as a result of the deteriorating security situation for US personnel but, in retrospect, it seems like there must have been intelligence that the Iranian-directed militias were considering targeting the US embassy.

Just hours after the rent-a-mob appeared, President Trump ordered a quick reaction force of about 100 Marines and a pair of AH-64 Apache gunships to Baghdad. The Marines reinforced the existing embassy guard force, the Apaches sent a message to the crowd.

Flashback to Benghazi. The House’s extensive report on that fiasco noted that Clinton and Obama put politics ahead of the safety and security of American military and diplomatic personnel in Libya.

A Diplomatic Security Agent in Libya described security at the Benghazi compound as “woefully inadequate” and “completely insufficient.” And contrary to the 2012 election-year narrative that Al Qa’ida was “on the run,” Clinton was briefed daily on the rise of extremism and the failed legacy of policies she considered her crowning achievement.

“The intelligence on which Kennedy and the Secretary were briefed daily was clear and pointed-Al Qa’ida, al Qa’ida like groups, and other regional extremists took refuge in the security vacuum created by the Libya government and its inability to take command of the security situation,” the report said.

Despite the high level of risk in Benghazi, the mission was stationed in an “off the books facility that met no required security standards.” Requests to improve security languished within the bureucracy of Clinton’s State Department.

Every warning sign was in place for Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration to see that the Benghazi compound was a ripe and inadequately protected target.

And she did…nothing…because a 2012 political narrative would have been exposed as a lie.

And during the attack on the compound:

The order to deploy rapid response teams by Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and President Obama became muddled as high ranking officials discussed the political implications of marines in uniform entering Libya. One team sat on a plane for hours and changed in and out of their uniforms four times as the attack raged on.

With Ambassador Stevens missing and attacks still in progress, the White House held a two hour meeting largely focused on the “inflammatory” YouTube video, even though none of the information coming from individuals on the ground connected the attack with protests or the video. 

Ultimately, no official U.S. assets would come to the aide of Americans in crisis. No attempt was made to save their lives and no steps were taken to ensure or assist in the evacuation of survivors.

While disgusting Leftists were pining for the demise of American personnel, this president and his military and diplomatic teams were taking action to save them.

If ever there was a clearer difference between the kind of man Trump is compared to Obama and the kind of people they surrounded themselves with, we can’t think of it.

Literally, Trump is ‘America first’ and Obama was ‘America last.’

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Lefties cheered when Ronald Reagan died. Lefties cheered when Nancy Reagan died. They cheered when Phyllis Schlafly died.

Lefties are the types to start a fight, and then play cry-bully.

The only thing missing —gunfire. Welcome to the silent civil war.


Hillary and Obama sure as hell were responsible for the horrid deaths of our Ambassador Stevens and the four brave men who were murdered, this would never happen under President Trump’s watch no matter how much the leftist wish it to be, fools that they are.


Something not mentioned here was that when the security officers reached Germany, Hillary fired them. They were told to find her own way home.


Over 600 requests for additional security forces were ignored. The victim’s bodies were mutilated in sadistic ways.

Benghazi was a disgrace. Wasting American lives while the sons of these types of demon-seed are being kicked upstairs and given huge salaries, working on board of directors in corrupt corporate deals. They work for satan. They are evil.


Democrats are Evil people.


The term
“Leftist Sickos” is redundant.


Justice will only be served when the coup conspirators appear before a Military Tribunal and sentenced to swing!

Iran kills a U.S. military contractor. Trump orders the general of an elite Iranian military force assassinated. America wins. - Conservatively

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