(NationalSentinel) President Donald J. Trump’s policies on immigration are racist, wrongheaded and very unpopular among the American electorate.

Or so the discredited mainstream media wants you to think. But a new survey says just the opposite: Not only to most Americans support the president’s efforts to enforce all immigration laws, they are none too keen on Obama-era refugee resettlement policies, either.

As reported by Breitbart:

Another poll shows a majority of voters support President Donald Trump’s executive order curbing travelers from seven terror-exporting countries, and shows that a majority want fewer refugees imported into American communities overall.

Pollsters found that 51 percent of respondents want the U.S. to accept fewer refugees than the 100,000 per year President Barack Obama wanted to import. Trump’s new White House plan trims that number to 50,000 per year.

Fifty-three percent of respondents also support the Trump’s Executive Order banning all refugee resettlement from Syria and freezing refugee resettlement for 120 days, according to the poll, which was conducted for the Harvard Center for American Political Studies by the Harris Poll company. 

Forty-seven percent of respondents oppose the new curbs on refugee inflow, according to Harris, which did not release details about the percentage of people who strong support or oppose the curbs. In many polls, the percentage of people who strongly support large-scale immigration is below 20 percent.

Another stunning result, Breitbart noted: 80 percent of those surveyed believe so-called “sanctuary cities” should be turning over illegal alien criminals to federal immigration authorities. Here’s the graphic:


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