What was done by the deep state to Flynn, Page prove why NO one should ever work for the intelligence community again

By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) Thanks to the weaponization of the intelligence community by successive presidents — Democrat and Republican — over the decades, it has become obvious there is no good reason for young American men and women to sacrifice their lives for the CIA, DIA, FBI, NSA, and the dozen-plus additional agencies that comprise the IC.

Not without some major reforms first and a helluva lot of indictments and convictions.

The two most recent and obvious examples of this are Michael Flynn and Carter Page. For their “crime” of siding with a presidential candidate — Donald Trump — who pledged to return power to the American people by draining a stinking, fetid DC swamp, righting wrong-headed trade deals, putting our country ahead of all others in the foreign policy realm, and ending endless wars — they have been destroyed.

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Worse, they’ve had their lives disrupted by scumbags deep staters who are currently earning fat taxpayer-supported pensions and big bucks on cable ‘news’ networks as “consultants” and “experts,” or who are walking around free and clear to be hailed by a complicit “mainstream” media that served as a conduit for one lie after another about these gentlemen.

It’s worse than pathetic or disgusting. It’s outrageous.

The recently-released report from Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz, as Rush Limbaugh noted Monday on his program, was more than just a documenting of ‘errors’ committed by James Comey’s FBI.

These were serious, serial, intentional violations of the law that stripped a man — Page — of his basic constitutional rights through a concerted, planned operation to prevent Trump from reaching the Oval Office, then undermine him after he won.

Page, as Limbaugh noted, isn’t some “cartoon,” he’s a real, live American citizen who deserves the protections of our founding document, as well as those contained in U.S. law.


And the IG concludes that it was either incompetence, which is highly unlikely ’cause it was four years. You don’t have a steady stream of this kind of incompetence from the premier law enforcement agency in the world, the FBI. He said it’s either incompetence or intentionality. And intentionality, for those of you in Rio Linda, it means they meant to do it, which means bias. The body of the report and the analysis clearly offers bias as one of the only two explanations for how all of this happened.

The FBI engaged in gross abuse of its power, engaged in deceit after deceit after deceit. The IG report documents countless instances in which the FBI, in order to convince the FISA court to allow it to spy on Carter Page, manipulated documents, concealed exculpatory evidence, meaning denied the court evidence that would show Carter Page wasn’t doing what they alleged, and they knowingly lied to the court. They presented outright lies to the FISA court.

Now, Carter Page is not just some cartoon character here. Carter Page is a human being, an American citizen. The entire library of his civil liberties were abused and exploited. He actually was, for all intents and purposes, an agent of the CIA. He had contacts in Russia. He was meeting with them and reporting regularly back to the CIA.

The FBI was going to the FISA court and claiming that he was a Russian agent, that he was spying for Trump, that he was an agent — he was a go-between — between Putin and Donald Trump.  The CIA got hold of the FBI and said, “No, no, no. You’ve got this wrong. Carter Page is one of ours.”  Even after they learned that, they went back three more times to renew the warrant to spy on Carter Page!

Then there is Michael Flynn, President Trump’s first national security adviser:

Michael Flynn and his family were destroyed.  Flynn was set up by Comey, and Comey has bragged about how he destroyed Flynn.  He’s bragged about how the new Trump administration didn’t know how things operated yet, so it was easy to deceive Flynn.

It was easy to just send a couple of agents in to actually investigate Flynn while Flynn thought that it was a conversation between equals talking about his new job as national security adviser. They never told him he was being interviewed.  They never formally went to the White House counsel’s office to seek an interview. They just said, “Hey, can we come by and talk? We have a couple people in the neighborhood. Can we come by and have a chat with you?”  Flynn says, “Sure.  I’d love to talk to you.”

They sent a couple of agents that prepared 302s, which is what you write up after a criminal investigation — and this barely scratches the surface of what they did. 

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Flynn spent 33 years in the U.S. Army, rising to the rank of Lt. General (three stars), nearly all as military intelligence. His final post was serving as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency under Obama, who later fired him reportedly because he was “abusive” with staff and had a “chaotic” management style. But in truth, Flynn, the intelligence pro, regularly produced reports that conflicted with Obama’s BS narratives on ISIS, al-Qaeda, and Syria, so he was forced out.

Page, meanwhile, attended the U.S. Naval Academy, graduating with distinction in the top 10 percent of his class. As such he was chosen for the Navy’s Trident Scholar program, which gives selected officers the opportunity for independent academic research and study. As a senior at the Naval Academy he worked for Clinton’s first defense secretary, Les Aspin, as a researcher for the House Armed Services Committee. Later, as a lieutenant, he would serve a tour in Morocco as an intelligence officer for a UN peacekeeping mission, remaining in the active and reserve force until 2004. Between 2008-2013, Page served as a cleared information/asset for the CIA.

Flynn was indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller’s Democrat-donating goons and pleaded guilty to a process crime (lying to an FBI agent when, in reality, the FBI screwed him over). Page, meanwhile, was spied on by the FBI even after the bureau knew Page was a cleared CIA asset and Russia expert.

James Clapper, as Obama’s director of national intelligence, never said anything about the FISA warrants naming Page, a Trump campaign adviser, as a target for surveillance. During his regular appearances on CNN as an ‘analyst,’ never once has he said anything about Page being an asset for the CIA or the FBI’s operation to set up Flynn.

John Brennan, as Obama’s CIA director, never said anything about the warrants naming Page, an asset for the agency he ran. He’s never vouched for Page since, and certainly not during his time as an ‘analyst’ for MSNBC.

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Neither did fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, recently hired as an ‘analyst’ for CNN. Or any of the other dozen former spooks who work for these two garbage ‘news’ networks.

Imagine, if you can, if Fox News hired oil company executives as ‘climate change analysts,’ or former automobile CEOs as ‘global warming experts.’

Yet, the garbage news networks can hire some of the same former spooks who destroyed the lives of two career assets and cleared officials without being questioned. Now you know for sure just how deep these “mainstream” media outlets are in the deep state.

To any young Americans thinking about a career in the U.S. intelligence community, what happened to Flynn and Page isn’t anything new. Hollywood has been making political thrillers featuring these kinds of abuses for years; these two gents are proof that it happens in real life.

Why would anyone want to risk their life and livelihoods working for organizations whose officials so callously destroy their own?

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Trump should pardon, and let Flynn pull the lynch-pin on those who ruined him and his family.

That’s fair. Huh, demon-crat traitors?

*Homobama had his hand in this back in 2015.


not that I think anyone can get a fair shake when lawyers are involved, but cannot Carter Page and General Flynn use lawyers to get back what they lost through the false, proven false witness of the Intel community, DOJ, FBI, dems and media?

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