U.S. Chamber of Commerce moves again to wreck Trump economy by pushing GOP to back Dem minimum wage hike

By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) For reasons known only to its executives, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce — once the primary backer of American capitalism (which is why Republicans embraced the organization) — is once more attempting to put brakes on POTUS Donald Trump’s red-hot economy.

In recent months the Chamber has backed Democrat open borders policies, preferring to import cheap labor for corporate members over national security (and POTUS Trump’s objections). Now, the group wants Republican recipients of its donations to back Democrat attempts to artificially boost the minimum wage, which would put a huge anchor on the economy.

“If the interest is in getting something done then we are willing partners for a sincere effort that reflects economic realities and combines these type of trade-offs,” said Glenn Spencer, who works as vice president for employment policy for the Chamber.

“The choice members have as they vote moving forward on this is: Is this an effort to come to compromise as they did previously or is this an effort to have a political vote on $15?” Spencer added.

As Big League Politics noted:

The Chamber is urging Republican lawmakers to capitulate because House Democrats are relentlessly promoting the Raise the Wage Act, which would mandate a hike in the minimum wage to $15 per hour. The legislation passed in the House today by a 231-199 vote, and Democrats are already gloating as a result.

Democrats are claiming that this bill will provide a “living wage” to more workers, but research has repeatedly shown that artificially inflating the minimum wage leads to job losses, not overall net gains.

But for some reason, the Chamber believes its business members would be better off paying those higher wages, siding with Dems.

“To the extent that policymakers want to move higher — and there are obviously limits on that — then the more relief you are going to have to provide to small businesses,” Spencer said.

What’s the limit? We asked that in a column Thursday:

And why stop at $15 an hour? Why not bump it up to $20? $50? $1,000?

Because these clowns know that there is a limit to what business owners can and will accept, so they are attempting to stay under it while pretending like they are eradicating poverty and bringing ‘fairness and equity’ to the unwashed masses.

The point we were making, primarily, is that Congress does not have anything place regulating what private businesses pay their employees:

If lawmakers want to regulate what government pays its employees, that’s fine. Have at it. That is well within Congress’ purview. And in fact, Congress does regulate government pay.

That said, private employers should be free to regulate what they pay their employees. That’s how a free market economy is supposed to work.

The Chamber of Commerce used to believe that too. But apparently, the organization’s Trump hate is stronger than its ability to distinguish sound economic policy these days.

Thankfully, some fiscal conservatives continue to sound the alarm bell over the Chamber’s change of political heart.

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American for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist is calling them out at the Chamber for embracing job-killing socialist policies out of political expediency.

“This is a missed opportunity by the Chamber of Commerce, which could get up and say this is wrong on principle and it would hurt the economy,” Norquist told the Washington Examiner.

“Whose lives are they cavalierly agreeing to screw? Why are they doing that? It is a huge mistake on the part of the Chamber,” he added.

Others have also noted the job-killing, economy-hampering effects of artificially inflating wages in the private sector.

“Many well-meaning people favor legal minimum-wage rates in the mistaken belief that they help the poor. These people confuse wage rates with wage income,” the late free-market guru Milton Friedman wrote in a Newsweek op-ed back in 1966.

“The rise in the legal minimum-wage rate is a monument to the power of superficial thinking,” Friedman added.

Company managers and CEOs understand better than just about any Democratic lawmaker the dynamics of free-market capitalism, which includes labor supply and demand.

American Liberty: “Established 1776” Tee - from Survival Legion

Business leaders know that if they want to attract quality, reliable employees, they can’t do it by paying them pennies on the dollar.

And in fact, many larger corporations have already agreed to a $15 ‘minimum’ wage for their workers. So there is no need for congressional action.

Or Chamber of Commerce hypocrisy.

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Don McCoy
Don McCoy

The places who raised to $15 BEFORE have all replaced cashiers with kiosks. Worked GREAT! Dumbasses…

Gringo Uno
Gringo Uno

Maybe someday the dimwits who call themselves Christians will realize that “capitalism” is just another word for the nation-destroying usury that was given to the Israelites as a weapon against Canaan, and was later forbidden by Jesus, yet they embrace it like fools. The corporations they praise as “enemies of communism” are guilty of the exact same crimes, and worse.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce moves again to wreck Trump economy by pushing GOP to back Dem minimum wage hike - Powerhouse News

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