Democrats are extremists who want to continue chasing the ‘Russian collusion’ hoax while our country goes to hell in a hand basket

By Jon Dougherty

When you think about what Democrats campaigned on during the 2018 midterms, they gave us every indication that, if they were to win, they weren’t really interested in governing.

Oh, they talked here and there about “jobs,” “the economy,” “health care,” etc., but really, mostly what Democratic candidates talked about was “impeaching Donald Trump.”

Three months into the current congressional session, majority Democrats in the House have spent precious little time on real issues that most Americans believe are important, and nearly all of their time virtue-signaling to their insane Left-wing base. They’ve proposed new gun control legislation, a bill to require presidents to release their tax returns, a bill to prevent the president from firing Robert Mueller (not that it matters now that his probe is over), and a law to make it easier for 16-year-olds and illegal aliens to vote, among other pointless legislation.

Meanwhile, as Fox News‘ Tucker Carlson pointed out on his show Friday, the country has been in dire need of some congressional attention because we’ve got real problems that need real solutions. And lo and behold, none of them have anything to do with deposing our president.

While Congress busied itself with investigating the “Russian collusion” hoax, “this country, the country they’re supposed to be running, has become obviously and measurably worse.”

He noted that suicides and drug overdoses are up, “life expectancy” in America “is falling, the borders are a mess — we have no clue who lives in this country,” he continued.

In addition, the nation’s “public schools are a joke — you wouldn’t send your kid to them if you had a choice,” Carlson noted. “Infrastructure is crumbling. Hundreds of thousands of Americans sleep outside every night. So what are our leaders talking about? What are they spending their time obsessing over? What do they get TV bookings to rant about? Some irrelevant meeting with a minor Russian lawyer in Trump Tower three years ago.”

“The New York City subway barely works,” Carlson said. “The largest city in the United States smells like garbage. People are fleeing it. What is Bill DeBlasio talking about? He’s ranting about Putin.”

“This has been a disaster. How can we let the people who are responsible for it continue as if it never happened?”

Watch around the 5:10 mark:

For the record, according to various polls and surveys (Pew Research, Gallup, etc.), here are the issues that are, by far, most important to Americans:

— The Economy

— Foreign policy/defending against terrorism

— Immigration

— Health care (remember when Obama and the Democrats said the Affordable Care Act was going to fix all of our healthcare problems and issues?)

For states, they are:

— The opioid epidemic

— Transportation/infrastructure

— A trained, educated, ready workforce

— Cybersecurity/privacy

— Vote fraud

According to the most recent Rasmussen Reports figure, just 37 percent of Americans believe the country is headed in the right direction. Notably, this figure fell from 43 percent in early December to 31 percent in early January — or about the time Democrats won a majority in the House and prepared to take it over.

“The Mueller investigation is over as of tonight but the wreckage remains,” Carlson said Friday. “For the sake of this country, let’s clean it up quickly and move on.”

Most Americans would agree.

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2 Comments on "Democrats are extremists who want to continue chasing the ‘Russian collusion’ hoax while our country goes to hell in a hand basket"

  1. All investigations initiated by House Committees must be paid for from the budget of that committee.

  2. Always Uncivil | March 24, 2022 at 2:36 pm | Reply

    As long as the suburban soccer moms are happy with their Google influenced midterm vote, they can get back to The View and passing out participation trophies to a generation that makes our external enemies tremble in fear.
    Maybe they can ride on the unicorn fart powered high speed rail to Hawaii and Europe that esteemed party member comradette Cortez is building with her little pony.

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