Former acting ICE director Homan blasts RINOs, says Mexico ‘hasn’t done squat’ to help curb illegal migration (Video)

By Jon Dougherty

Former Acting Director for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency discounted Mexico’s claims that it has stepped up enforcement of illegal migration through its territory, saying Mexico City “hasn’t done squat” compared to what it could do.

“Enough talk already,” said Thomas Homan, former ICE chief, in an interview Wednesday evening with Fox Business‘ Lou Dobbs.

“They’re talking, they’re talking…I want to see actions, I want to see them doing something,” Homan said.

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His comments come amid a threat by POTUS Donald Trump to begin imposing tariffs on imports from Mexico unless it does more to curb the waves of migrants, most of them from Central America, beginning with 5 percent on June 10. Those tariffs would rise to 25 percent by year’s end if he doesn’t see an appreciable effort by the Mexico government resulting in far fewer illegal border crossings into the U.S., which hit more than 140,000 last month alone and more than 1 million over the past year.

Homan took issue with a statement released by the Mexican government this week claiming the country had stepped up interdiction efforts against migrants who have crossed illegally into the country enroute to the U.S., where they know all they have to do is cross the border and seek asylum to be able to stay while their claim is processed, which takes years.

“They’ve basically addressed about 10 percent of the problem,” Homan told Dobbs. “Actually, that’s an actual number. About one in 10 of the illegal aliens that have transited through Mexico they did something about.”

Homan said those “are not impressive numbers,” adding, “They’ve not done anything” close to enough, including going after the Mexico-based drug-and-human-smuggling cartels which are at the center of the migrant crisis.

“They need to defend their southern border, they need to expand the Migration Protection Protocol,” said Homan, among other measures.

The former ICE acting director also blasted RINOs in the Senate for undermining and undercutting POTUS Trump’s tariff regimen, which he sees as one of a few remaining diplomatic and foreign relations tools available to him in order to keep his campaign promise of securing the border.

After Dobbs noted that Senate Republicans planned to sue the White House over the tariffs “because they know damn well” they would be effective, Homan called that “disgusting.”

They “want to cut the president off at the knees,” Homan said. “Are they paying attention to what’s happening? What price are they going to put on national security, public safety, and our sovereignty? You know, stop worrying about the lobbyists and the big companies, let’s start worrying about the American people and protect the border.”

Homan said “there are holes” all along the U.S.-Mexico boundary that can be exploited by militants and terrorists.

“If you’re a terrorist and want to come to the United States and do us harm, you’re going to enter the country the same way 12-to-20 million have done it,” he said. “You’re not going to buy an airline ticket — there’s too many background checks — you’re not going to try to get a visa, there are a lot of checks after [the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks], you’re going to use the same route” millions of others have used.


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