By Duncan Smith

We all knew what the Democrat Party was becoming long before President Trump took office — home to the hard ‘revolutionary’ Left which is slowly but surely taking control over the party’s reins.

Trump’s election has certainly highlighted the lunacy of the Left, but it has also revealed something else: Phony ‘conservatives’ like William Kristol and those idiots at the Lincoln Project who have proven to be nothing more than establishment RINOs that like to host cruises and collect donations.

The fact that they never really were conservatives and constitutionalists is further exposed by the fact that they have opposed so much of Trump’s agenda — which as been every bit as conservative/constitutionalist as was Ronald Reagan’s presidency and, in many cases, even more so.

It’s for that reason Trump has routinely opposed the worst liberty-stealing policy positions adopted by shutdown Democrats during the COVID-19 pandemic, up to and including a nationwide mask mandate.

Because nothing says ‘death to liberty’ like federal mandates from on-high.

The president made this position plain — again — during a ‘town hall’ event hosted by ABC News and former Clinton War Room guy George Stephanopoulos.

'There is, by the way, a lot of people who don't want to wear masks,' Trump said. 'There are a lot of people that think the masks are not good.'

Breitbart News has some more details:

The president commented on masks after a voter from an ABC News town hall hosted by George Stephanopoulos asked him why he did not support a national mask mandate.

He recalled witnessing waiters serving at a restaurant touching their masks to adjust them and then touching the plates.

'The concept of a mask is good, but … you are constantly touching it, touching your face, touching plates,' he said. 'There are people that don't think masks are good.'

Trump recalled that former Vice President Joe Biden called for a national mask mandate during his convention speech, but backtracked on the idea.

'They checked out and they didn't do it,' he said.

We have not had a president with the instincts to understand the average American as well as President Trump, maybe ever.

He deserves another four years. We need him.

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