By Tank Murdoch

(TNS) The acting Customs and Border Protection chief said this week that “enforcement actions” along the U.S.-Mexico boundary decreased again in January, a drop he credits to Trump administration policies.

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According to the January 2020 numbers released by CBP Tuesday there were 36,679 enforcement actions at the southwestern border in January including 29,200 apprehensions and 7,479 inadmissibility decisions, a report stated.

“We continue to see positive results because of the steps taken by the Trump Administration to control the border and uphold the rule of law. There have been 8 straight months of decline, but as we see from significant drug seizures, much work remains,” Acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan tweeted Tuesday, along with a chart showing the declining trend. adds:

CBP reported a 4 percent decline in “inadmissible aliens at ports of entry” and an 11 percent decline in total apprehensions from the previous month, according to the report. Moreover, nationwide enforcement actions lowered 37 percent compared to January, 2019.

It’s worth pointing out again that the president and his administration have managed to effect this decline despite constant pushback from Democrats in Congress and their Left-wing open borders allies, who have gone to court early and often to stop Trump’s enforcement actions.

But besides a border wall, the Trump administration has reached agreements with the governments of Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador that is also reducing the number of migrants attempting the dangerous and exploitative journey to the U.S.

Mexican cooperation has been vital in this endeavor. The “Remain in Mexico” policy has been a cornerstone of the Trump administration’s efforts to keep migrants on the other side of the border as they wait for their asylum cases to be heard.

And CBP has said Trump has all but ended the “catch-and-release” policies of the past.


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