Elizabeth Warren has a monumentally stupid idea for private health insurance workers displaced by her $52 trillion ‘Medicare for All’ plan

(TNS) Sen. Elizabeth Warren is considered by the pathetic “mainstream” media to be the wonky 2020 Democratic presidential contender, just remember that, okay?

That will help you to understand how truly stupid she is when it comes to free market principles and private industry and why, as president, she would not simply reverse all of President Trump’s economic accomplishments, but devastate our economy writ large.

On Friday, Fauxcohontas spent much of the day trying to put lipstick on her pig of a healthcare ‘reform’ proposal: A “Medicare-for-All” behemoth that will cost a minimum of $52 trillion over a 10-year period. And of course, these estimates are always notoriously low.

At one point, she was asked, ‘Hey — what’ll you do with all those people who are currently employed as sellers of private health insurance?’

Easy, says Liz. ‘We’ll just move ’em into, like, auto and life insurance…and stuff..’


“No one gets left behind. Some of the people currently working in health insurance will work in other parts of insurance. In life insurance, in auto insurance, in car insurance,” she said.

That’ll help “strengthen America’s middle class.”

So in other words, killing the private health insurance sector will automatically create new employment demand for automobile insurance, for life insurance, and all them other kinds of insurance…

Remember what we wrote in the first sentence of this story? She’s considered the “wonky” Democratic contender.

She’s a moron, straight up.

That’s not at all how the private sector works, but she wouldn’t know that because she’s spent her professional career lying about being Native American so she could get employed as a “minority” at Ivy League universities.

No job creation experience whatsoever. None.

President Trump, on the other hand, a) is not going to throw private health insurance sales folks out of a job; b) knows a lot about how the private sector works, as evidenced by the growth of the U.S. economy since he took office; and c) has created lots of jobs and hired lots of people over the course of his billion-dollar real estate development career.

And strengthen the middle class?

The American middle class is doing fantastic under this president.

If Warren happens to stumble into the White House next year, all of Trump’s economic progress will come to a screeching halt.

But hey — maybe we can put all of those newly unemployed health insurance salespeople in automobile and life insurance.

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Marxist goals are to kill the middle-class. The more people that rely on a government check, the better according to marxist moloch worshippers.

Homobama shrunk the middle-class by 15%. President Trump is rebuilding the middle-class and our economy. Remember the Reagan years? Entrepreneurs were building businesses left and right. Bush hosed it all up. A huge satanic anus spawn.

President Trump will reverse the 16 year plan to destroy America!


I’m surprised that she hasn’t been scalped for identity fraud.

dan can

Elizabeth Warren’s “think big” attitude is nothing more than a “just lie your ass off” attitude…

The Prisoner
The Prisoner

Biden fizzled, she will fizzled next, then Hillary arrives as the savior.

George c

For those supporting her plan evidently haven’t actually given it much thought, here is the problem: Medicare for All means this…A federal bureaucrat in Washington D.C. will decide which Dr. you can see and when. You will have no choice or say-so. That same bureaucrat will decide exactly what treatment you are entitled to (whether you want it or not) and when you can have it. Then he will decide whether or not you are entitled prescription medication, what kind and how much. You have no choice or control of anything that happens to your health care. Now we all… Read more »

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