Sorry, Dems, any economic slowdown to coronavirus outbreak would be followed by ‘sharp increase,’ thanks to Trump

In the end, Trump will be proven right and the Democrats will once again look pathetic

By Tank Murdoch

(TNS) Democrats are politicizing and weaponizing the coronavirus in an attempt to improve their party’s chances against President Donald Trump and Republicans in November, that much is clear.

What’s also clear is that the manufactured panic is having an effect on our country, economically, as evidenced by losses on Wall Street this week.

Translation: Democrats who live better than virtually all other Americans have no problem tanking 401(k) retirement plans for ordinary folk if it means weakening Trump.

But because the Garbage Party lacks long-term strategic vision and doesn’t plan or think beyond the next election cycle, this grand scheme to scare Americans into voting for them in November is doomed to failure.

And why? President Donald Trump and the economy his policies have created.

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Buoyed by a Republican-passed tax cut law, the president’s trade renegotiations, and regulation-cutting measures, the U.S. economy has become a juggernaut. Thus, as The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday, any economic fallout from coronavirus panic (or even a small outbreak) is going to be quickly reversed by sharp economic gains thereafter, thanks to the groundwork the president and Republicans have already laid.

The WSJ notes:

A U.S. coronavirus outbreak would trigger temporary but widespread disruptions of people’s lives and business activity, posing a new risk to the nation’s longest economic expansion on record.

Public-health officials have told Americans to expect the virus to spread in the U.S. That could lead to school closures, public-event cancellations and business disruptions across industries from restaurants and tourism to manufacturing.

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The U.S. economy is already feeling an impact, though the disease has yet to spread here. Some U.S. manufacturers have been unable to obtain components, hotels and resorts are seeing a drop off in international tourism and retailers are worried about having adequate inventory to meet U.S. demand.

But, according to Dean Jamison, a global health economist and professor emeritus at University of California, San Francisco, the infection rate for coronavirus is less than what it was during the massive Spanish Flu outbreak of 1918. And, as we’ve noted, far less than this year’s “flu season” which has already broken out across the U.S. and may be peaking — after infecting 26 million people, sending 250,000 to hospitals and killing 14,000.

Jamison also notes that the U.S. healthcare system is far superior to that of China’s, where the outbreak began.

The WSJ:

Mr. Jamison said such a scenario could still cause U.S. businesses and schools to close, grind transportation networks to a halt, and trim a half percentage point from economic growth for the year. That is enough to slow the economy but not cause a recession, or two straight quarters of economic contraction. He expects any event wouldn’t last longer than several months and be followed by a sharp increase in economic activity.

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That couldn’t happen if the Trump economy wasn’t positioned for a sharp increase in activity.

“I think we’re unlikely to see a really large outbreak in the U.S.—meaning thousands of deaths,” Jamison added. “There are reasons to feel that we’re not in for as rough of a ride as China had. They had to start at ground zero.”

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True, which is another reason why Democrats who are hyping coronavirus as a ‘crisis’ in order to score short-term political points is a loser. And when this is over soon, as it will be, Trump will be able to once again point out that he, not them, was right all along.

Just in time for the debates.



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Oh boy. Short sellers playing partners—to tank the market.

Let’s see if we have a rebound? I didn’t even look at my stocks yesterday. I play long. Gold is doing great. $1,650 / troy oz. Doubled up there.


Market correction = opportunity to buy.

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