(NationalSentinel) North Korea: As the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier group steams to waters near the Korean peninsula, the Washington Post reports that one of the Navy’s Ohio-class Tomahawk cruise missile submarines has appeared at a southern port in South Korea.

The Post noted:

North Korea’s military conducted huge live-fire drills Tuesday and issued new warnings that it would defend itself against the “American imperialists,” amid high tensions and a military buildup in the region. 

But the United States and its South Korean and Japanese allies showed their muscle as well by conducting military exercises of their own.  

In addition, one of the largest U.S. guided-missile submarines showed up in the South Korean port of Busan, presaging the imminent arrival in the region of a naval strike group led by an aircraft carrier. 

An accompanying video report for the Post story specifically noted that the sub was carrying Tomahawks.

You may recall we reported April 13 that, based on open sources and some comments about U.S. Navy submarines President Donald J. Trump made in an interview with Fox Business‘ Maria Bartiromo, it was very likely that one or more of the four Ohio-class guided missile boats would be dispatched to the waters off the Korean peninsula given the sub’s incredible firepower and ability to launch and escape without being detected.

These boats carry 154 Tomahawks; just 59 of them devastated an entire Syrian airbase earlier this month.

We noted further in that and subsequent reports that the armada Trump is assembling is more than capable of striking targets in North Korea. Even more telling: Trump and his top military and National Security officials are planning a briefing Wednesday to the full Senate, which is highly irregular.

U.S. forces, Chinese forces and Russian forces are all preparing in their own way near the Korean peninsula. The confirmation of the deployment of an Ohio-class Tomahawk-carrying sub makes it appear even more likely that confrontation may be a foregone conclusion.

Update: The Ohio-class Tomahawk cruise missile sub has been identified in other news reports as the USS Michigan.


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