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The Obama-Biden Scandal Series Part 2: “Joe China” helped son Hunter land a sweet deal in Beijing (Video)

By TNS Staff

During a television appearance last week as he announced his third bid for the White House, jumping into the crowded 2020 Democratic field, former Vice President Joe Biden declared, unbelievably, that his and President Obama’s administration was “scandal-free.”

It’s a claim both of them have made before. And no doubt, Biden — as he ramps up his campaign — will continue to make it.

We couldn’t let these obviously false claims stand.

Today, we’re releasing the second in a series of scandals that both Obama and Biden were involved in, as a matter of record. This second release is called “Joe China,” and it describes how the then-VP likely used his influence to help his son land a sweet deal with the Chinese government, to the detriment of American foreign policy.

Please share this and the subsequent videos in this series far and wide, as our country’s future depends not only on reelecting an “America First” president but in keeping the stench of scandal out of the White House.

Watch: The Obama-Biden Scandals Part 2: “Joe China”

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