Republicans grow a pair: GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz leads ‘phalanx’ into pencil neck’s secret ‘impeachment’ depositions

(TNS) House Republicans may not have much power right now because the Garbage Party is in the majority and is therefore ‘running things,’ but that doesn’t mean they are powerless.

Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida decided to pay pencil neck Adam Schiff a little visit in the SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) where he’s been holding secret hearings involving select “witnesses” as part of his fake impeachment inquiry.

The purpose of crashing Schiff’s bullshit hearings was to draw attention to the fact that, unlike real impeachment proceedings which are supposed to be conducted in the open, these are being held out of view of the American people.

Translation: Schiff doesn’t think us nosy fuckers in flyover country have a right to hear any “evidence” supporting the impeachment of our president.

That’s one message he’s sending, but of course, the real reason why Schiff is being a dick about all of this is because he knows goddamned good and well there isn’t any evidence supporting President Trump’s impeachment. And by holding his clown show in secret, he gets to leak selective information to the waiting douchebags in the Washington press corps for them to report as “bombshells.”

Naturally, the dogshit media is reporting this as a “phalanx” — some diabolical Republican tactic aimed at intimidating ‘the very legitimate impeachment process.’

Riiight. A “phalanx.” And yet, dontcha get the feeling that these bone smoker media types ought to be asking why Schiff is holding these hearings in secret to begin with? Like, aren’t the American people allowed to know what the fuck is going on with actions supposedly aimed at removing our president from office?

That’d be way too much to expect from them.

Oh, and for the Left-wing hacks and douche nozzles claiming that there are Republicans already in the SCIF attending the hearings, Schiff is holding his shit show specifically in a secure room because it prevents anyone from talking about what occurred inside.

So while he is leaking select quotes taken out of context (or completely fabricated) to his media butt brothers, Republicans are forbidden from publicly discussing the proceedings.

Hence, Gaetz’s ‘phalanx.’

One more thing. The Garbage Party and their media sycophants are bitching about Gaetz and Republicans ‘crashing’ the hearings with their ‘sit-in,’ we seem to remember when ass clown Democrats did the same thing in 2016 when majority Republicans gave them the middle finger over calls for draconian new guns laws.

And yes, the dogshit media lauded and lauded and lauded them.

Republicans didn’t take the bait.

What’s more, it’s likely that Gaetz’s efforts to find out what the hell is going on will be beneficial to his party. So thanks for growing a pair, boys (and girls).

We call Democrats the Garbage Party for a reason.

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I love the expression on Matt Gaetz’s face. It must have been great fun to watch Chicken-Schiff go tearing out of the room in a panic!

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