(TNS) We’re not sure what’s angrier — Bernie Sanders or his hair — but what he just said about providing aid to Israel if he becomes president is pretty outrageous.

It’s bad enough that this Jewish man is embracing anti-Semitic pieces of shit like Ilhan Omar (Douchebag-Minn.) and Linda Sarsour, but to head over to J Street and suckle at the anti-Semite teat of those dickheads goes beyond pandering.

We haven’t seen that kind of bootlicking since turncoat Jews were nibbling at the cock knobs of their Nazi captors back in the day. But hey, who are we to make comparisons?

In any event, beyond accepting the ‘endorsement‘ of people who fucking fundamentally hate his religion and, thus, him, what he said at J Street the other day about how he, as president, would condition Israeli military aid on them ‘changing their behavior’ sounds an awful lot like one of them quid pro quo things President Trump has been accused of regarding Ukraine.


Mind you, we get it that foreign policy pretty much involves quid pro quo’s — ‘If you want our money and/or assistance, we want you do this and that.’

It’s been that way since the dawn of civilization. The fact that President Trump wanted Ukraine to help his attorney general investigate a coup attempt against him is minor shit compared to, say, prefacing military assistance to Israel on ‘changing its behavior’ (which means, in anti-Semitic parlance, ‘Make yourself vulnerable to attack so we can wipe your ass off the map’).

It’s not that Sanders would be wrong, as president, to engage in such quid pro quo’s. It’s just that the Garbage Party is, as usual, being hypocritical douchebags when it comes to Trump.

And fuck them for that.

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