By Duncan Smith

The so-called ‘mainstream media’ attempted to ‘fact-check’ every word former President Donald Trump uttered or wrote on Twitter.

The Washington Post even set up an entire ‘fact-check’ operation just for Trump, only to shut it down after Biden was ‘elected.’

What can we expect from these disgusting media liars over the next four years? Will the blow-dried, perfumed princes and princesses of the media elite in D.C. rediscover their calling to be dogged pursers and purveyors of truth?

Not likely. And we got a taste of that again on Sunday.

Biden sat for an interview with CBS’ Nora O’Donnel.

At one point he was asked about raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Biden said that wasn’t going to be included in his massive $1.9 trillion COVID ‘relief’ payout to blue states. But then he said 'all the economics show that if you do that the whole economy rises.'

In a word, that’s BS. In fact, “all the economics” show just the opposite: That when you force business owners to pay workers more than they can afford to pay them, the net result is a loss of jobs.

One media outlet, The Dispatch, was good enough to fact-check this ridiculous claim:

Critics of a higher minimum wage cite a number of reasons for their opposition: the effect on youth employment levels, the likelihood that it will increase the costs of products and services, and the chance that it will decrease the number of jobs available. Such concerns align with the data and projections published by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office in July 2019. The CBO estimated that while a $15 minimum wage would increase the wages of 17 million workers and reduce the number of people living below the poverty line, it would also eliminate 1.3 million jobs. The CBO's projections also indicated a $15 minimum wage would reduce business income while causing prices to increase, concluding that 'the $15 option would reduce total real (inflation-adjusted) family income in 2025 by $9 billion, or 0.1 percent.'

Given the opposition to a $15 minimum wage among economists and the projections put out by prominent organizations like the CBO, Biden is wrong to claim that 'all the economics' indicate raising the minimum wage to $15 would have an overall positive effect on the economy. 

The ‘mainstream media’ wouldn’t even fact-check this easily debunked lie, and that should tell you everything about how they’re going to cover this Democratic president.

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