Timeline: First ‘Spygate’ victim, Michael Flynn, withdraws guilty plea for a ‘crime’ he never committed

Flynn has been screwed over by a pathetically corrupt system in dire need of reforms

By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) In those chaotic first days of President Donald Trump’s administration, few Americans could have suspected or known that an operation to undermine him and his government was well underway.

Few could have suspected it because even though most seasoned politicos understood there was a ‘deep state,’ we couldn’t have imagined that it would be turned loose to depose a president.

When retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, the president’s first national security adviser, was accused of ‘lying’ to Vice President Mike Pence about contact he had with a Russian diplomat — contact that was very common, very normal, and very legal for transition team members, especially national security types — it sure seemed like Trump was either duped into hiring some shady types or legitimately was being played by a foreign power.

But by the time Flynn was charged for “lying” by special counsel Robert Mueller, there had already been trickles of information contained in sporadic reports that this was all a set-up: Some very high-ranking people were extremely upset that the ‘system’ couldn’t push one of their own, Hillary Clinton, over the finish line.

Seeing her beaten by a rogue, plain-spoken, direct, and unassuming candidate was too much for them to take. He had to go.

And Mike Flynn was their first ‘victim.’ He was their first conduit into Trump World, their first attempt to ‘take down’ a duly elected president.

Over the course of the past few years, though, it’s become painfully obvious to any fair-minded individual that Flynn not only isn’t guilty of any crime, despite his Mueller case plea, but he was victimized by a system he once served because he dared to choose Trump over them.

As news broke late Tuesday that he is withdrawing his guilty plea because the Justice Department “breached the plea agreement and operated with bad faith,” according to Sara A. Carter, we have reviewed the ‘caseload’ of evidence we have proving this man is not only innocent, but the first victim of “Spygate.”

To wit:

December 2017: In a statement to the press, then-presidential attorney Ty Cobb noted that Flynn’s guilty plea to the “process crime” of lying to an FBI agent had no implications for the White House and no implications the narrative already introduced by the Deep State — ‘Trump-Russia collusion’ — was real.

At the time, former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy even noted that because Flynn was allowed to plead guilty to a process crime, there could not have been any evidence of a ‘grand conspiracy’ to collude.

“It is is becoming increasingly palpable that, whatever ‘collusion’ means, there was no actionable, conspiratorial complicity by the Trump campaign in the Kremlin’s machinations,” he wrote.

December 2017: More than a month before Trump was inaugurated, the Obama administration said it approved Flynn’s contacts with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the Trump transition. By the way, let’s insert this here: Flynn used to be the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency; he spent his entire military career doing intelligence. If anyone would know that the U.S. government was monitoring a Russian ambassador’s communications, movements, and contacts with government officials, it’s Flynn. The intel world was his world. So how is it he would lie to the FBI about contacts he knew they knew about?

So…already there are cracks in the official story.

December 2017: Same month, a few days later, a whistleblower told a U.S. lawmaker that he witnessed a senior FBI executive suggest the FBI had a personal motive and targeted former Trump national security advisor Michael Flynn with the purpose of ruining his career.

Important note: Flynn was forced to resign from the DIA by the Obamaites because he disagreed with the president on a number of national security issues. Now we know why: They were all dirty (John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, et al).

December 2017: By mid-month, then-House Intelligence Community chair Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) was already smelling a rat. “I believe there’s evidence that abuses have occurred,” Nunes told Fox News‘ Catherine Herridge. He pointed to the leaked conversation between former national security advisor to President Donald J. Trump, Michael Flynn with Russia’s ambassador to the U.S. as one example.

“I hate to use the word corrupt, but they become so dirty that, who is watching the watchmen? Who is investigating these people? There is no one,” he added.

February 2018Comey told lawmakers during testimony he didn’t think Flynn lied to his agents.

June 2018: According to investigative journalist Paul Sperry, corrupt copsJames Comey and Andrew McCabe, the FBI’s two most senior officials, allowed then-acting Attorney General Sally Yates to set up POTUS Trump’s first national security advisor, Michael Flynn — whom FBI officials and even Comey would testify did not lie to them during questioning.

June 2018Reports surfaced that fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe allegedly changed the 302s — FBI interview notes — in Flynn’s case. The retired three-star general was interviewed at the White House a couple weeks before Trump was inaugurated by Peter Strzok, whom we’d later discover was very anti-Trump, and Joe Pientka, the latter of whom played a “supervisory role” in Spygate Official, “Crossfire Hurricane.”

Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) was on the case.

December 2018: A sentencing memo for Flynn filed in federal court by special counsel Robert Mueller provided the clearest evidence to date that the retired three-star Army general was set up in a perjury trap by James Comey’s FBI.

The memo made it clear that Flynn had no idea he was being interrogated. What’s more, McCabe instructed the agents not to inform Flynn he was being interrogated for the specific purpose of ensnaring him.

December 2018: However,302 documents filed in federal court by Agents Strzok and Pientka claim that Flynn was advised “of the nature” of the interview.

January 2019Reports surfaced that the Deep State had exculpatory evidence on Flynn but were holding onto it.

John Solomon of The Hill reported Thursday, the intelligence community all along has had exculpatory evidence clearing Flynn of any wrongdoing but has kept it secret:

  • Before Flynn made his infamous December 2015 trip to Moscow — as a retired general and then-adviser to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign — he alerted his former employer, the DIA. 
  • He then attended a “defensive” or “protective” briefing before he ever sat alongside Vladimir Putin at the Russia Today (RT) dinner, or before he talked with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.
  • The briefing educated and sensitized Flynn to possible efforts by his Russian host to compromise the former high-ranking defense official and prepared him for conversations in which he could potentially extract intelligence for U.S. agencies such as the DIA. 
  • When Flynn returned from Moscow, he spent time briefing intelligence officials on what he learned during the Moscow contacts. Between two and nine intelligence officials attended the various meetings with Flynn about the RT event, and the information was moderately useful, about what one would expect from a public event, according to my sources.

This information was known to Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, more than a year earlier.

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July 2019Flynn was discovering that the Deep State scumbags he was dealing with were, in fact, Deep State scumbags.

Recall that nearly a year-and-a-half later, after his guilty plea, Flynn has yet to be sentenced. Then, suddenly, his federal prosecutor/handlers decided they want him to finger someone else for them; he refuses, they go after him. A federal judge verbally reprimands.

As noted by investigative journalist Sara A Carter, U.S. District Judge Anthony Trenga backhanded the Justice Department for arguing in court this week that Flynn is a “co-conspirator” in a case against his former business partner:

Trenga issued the 38-page scathing opinion in the late afternoon Tuesday that the “United States at this point has not presented or proffered evidence to sufficient to establish by a preponderance of the evidence a conspiracy for the purposes of admitting against the Defendant the hearsay statements of alleged co-conspirators.”

September 2019Flynn attorney and former federal prosecutor-turned-whistleblower Sidney Powell asked a federal court to find prosecutors in contempt for withholding the exculpatory evidence.

She said in a new motion that if different prosecutors were assigned to the case, they would quickly discover the exculpatory (Brady) evidence and move to have Flynn’s guilty plea of lying to federal agents vacated.

October 2019: Documents indicate that Flynn may have been set up by Clapper and a Washington Post reporter.

January 2020: After prosecutors, angry that Flynn wouldn’t turn on a former business partner — which was never part of his plea agreement — he’s filing to have his conviction overturned.

Sara A. Carter:

The motion states that in “good faith, Gen. Flynn performed his side of the bargain. The government acknowledged this substantial cooperation both in its original sentencing memo and in its statements to the court at the December 2018 hearing.”

“In the summer of 2019, Gen. Flynn refused to perjure himself for the prosecutors in a case against a former partner in his private business,” said Powell in the separate statement regarding the case of  Flynn’s ex partner Bijan Rafiekian. Rafiekian had been indicted on two criminal counts, including conspiracy to act as an agent of a foreign government, according to the original unsealed indictment. Rafiekian’s conviction was overturned by the court citing that prosecutor’s had ‘insufficient evidence’ to prove their case.

Powell argues that Flynn’s “refusal to be coerced into a lie led the government to file a new Sentencing Memorandum in which it reversed course and withdrew both its representation that Gen. Flynn provided substantial assistance and its recommendation for a departure, as contractually mandated by the plea agreement.”

“For these reasons, and for further substantive and serious reasons that will be filed at a later date, Gen. Flynn has instructed his counsel to withdraw his guilty plea,” said Powell in the statement. “Gen. Flynn is innocent of the charges against him. He has fulfilled his commitments to cooperate with the investigation in good faith. The same cannot be said for the prosecution.  We will work now to reclaim his good name for his sake and that of his family, and to help restore trust in our justice system by standing up against the scandal and abuses of his unjust prosecution.”

Spygate’s first victim, Michael Flynn, has had enough. Like Carter Page, Flynn has been greatly abused by a pathetically corrupt system.

All the more reason why President Trump, AG William Barr needs to clean house.

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If I were President, I’d pardon Flynn, and let him execute the traitors that tried to railroad him. I’m an asshole like that.


Clean House! Help your local GOP Congressional candidates in 2020. We’ve got work to do.

Christian Gains

I’m VERY CONCERNED that A.G. Barr is “expected” to PROTECT THE INSTITUTIONS, and NOT those who are innocent of wrong doing!!! (It’s called “BEING THE ‘clean up guy”…NOT being the “guy who indites the GUILTY”)!!! Which SHOULD be his PRIMARY JOB & the INSTITUTIONS should be LAST on his “TO DO” list!!!

BUT! That’s NOT the way he “cleaned up” “RUBY RIDGE” — “WACO” or the MURRAH BUILDING!! BEWARE of “enemy’s within the GATES”!!!

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