Disgraceful: Journalist who was wrong about Army-Navy cadets flashing ‘white power’ symbol blames his mistake on Trump

Dude, just admit you were wrong and move on

By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) In our quest to ‘be first,’ sometimes journalists get a story wrong. When that happens, the standard procedure is to own up to it, correct the facts, apologize, and pledge to do better.

Not sort of, kind of apologize and then blame someone else for your error.

You may recall recently that many a-Left-wing journalist hopped immediately on the bandwagon to condemn Army cadets and Navy midshipmen who they say “flashed a white power symbol” at the annual college football game.

Even half an intent to get a story right and about 30 seconds’ worth of research would have discovered that, no, it wasn’t a “white power” symbol they were flashing but instead they were playing what is called the “circle game.” Click that link for a brief and accurate description about how it’s played.

But because these journalists are really just Democrat hacks pretending to be reporters, and because they historically have little respect for the military because it trends conservative and patriotic, they immediately questioned that and installed their own narrative because the skin color of the game players was pale.

Bowing to the ridiculous, both service academies investigated the reports and did indeed discover that cadets and midshipmen were playing a game, not committed blatant acts of racism on national television.

So, the apologies should stream in from adult journalists who jumped to conclusions, failed to do even basic research, and created another false narrative — right?

Not really.

Rodricks, the loser from the Baltimore Sun, barely apologized and then blamed his incorrect suspicions on President Donald Trump because as a Left-wing hack, he merely shifted from one false narrative to another: That our president is a racist.

He’s not. He never has been. But we keep hearing that lie from men and women in the Fourth Estate who are paid to be factual and honest.

Let’s be clear: They have “dark suspicions” because jerks like him have developed pre-conceived notions about men, women, political ideologies and institutions they simply do not like or do not agree with. That’s what makes it so easy for them to be so wrong so quickly and then barely make any effort to correct their mistakes.



It’s okay for men and women of the media to have opinions and political viewpoints. But they should admit them freely and write in those venues, not pretend to be ‘objective’ and ‘unbiased’ reporters of events when they clearly aren’t.

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It’s the “I’m stupid, it is Trump’s fault” defense.


I use the middle finger and a 1911.

Three generations of buttclowns. God help us.


Please God … don’t ever allow a fucking democrat hack win the white house … ever …. please, I will give up Netflix if you do what I ask. Let me know.

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