By Duncan Smith

You’ve heard the cliché, ‘Elections have consequences,’ but that is true nonetheless.

Especially when it comes to U.S. national security.

In the age of nuclear-tipped hypersonic missiles and super-quiet nuclear-powered submarines, nations can literally be destroyed within minutes.

Our biggest competitor in 2021 and beyond, by far, is China.

In fact, China’s military rise has been compared to Japan’s rise in the late 1920s and throughout the 1930s.

We know what happened after that: World War.

While that isn’t very likely, it is extremely probable that China is going to challenge the United States early and often, and in a big way, now that the most incompetent, mentally incapable man we could have elected — at one of the most dangerous times in our history — sits in the White House.

National security experts are extremely nervous, such as K.T. McFarlane.

The Epoch Times reports:

Believing itself untouchable, China's communist party is ramping up rhetoric about perceived American weaknesses in a bid to ascend as the next world leader, according to former deputy national security adviser K.T. McFarland.

'They are looking at the rest of the world and saying, 'OK, America, you are where you are, but we want to lead the next world order. We want to be the leaders of a non-white world, and the Asians and Central America and Latin America, and the subcontinent and Africa,'' McFarland said in an interview on The Epoch Times' 'American Thought Leaders' program.

That, according to McFarland, means manipulating narratives to their advantage, exploiting debates around racism to discredit America, wielding economic weapons to punish those that crossed their line, thwarting legitimate criticisms, and sowing division among democratic countries.

'China plans to remake the world in its own image—and it is at our expense, to make no mistake,' she said.

She went on to recall how the Chinese bitch-slapped Biden’s joke of a secretary of state, Andrew Blinken, on our own soil in Alaska last month.

'It showed the United States, at least the Biden administration, in a position of great weakness, which will reverberate around the world to our disadvantage.

'The United States took a knife to a gunfight.'

'The Chinese … wanted to criticize the United States and humiliate us on our own soil. And in doing so, they wanted to use the words of the American media and those sort of woke media, and the cancel culture and the people who say that 'America is a racist nation,' 'it was conceived in evil.' etc. They quoted those people back to the American leadership.'

'It was meant to be humiliating,' she said. But 'instead of saying, 'This is outrageous,' and walk out,' the message from Secretary of State Antony Blinken was that 'we're not perfect, we're going to get there someday.'

'It just sort of rolled over,' she said, calling it 'humiliating on all sides.'

She added:

'They really lay down the gauntlet. This is a new cold war, Cold War 2.0—and unlike the nuclear arms race fought with the Soviet Union, the Chinese are making it clear that they will have ‘no holds barred,'” she said.

'The Chinese, to my mind, have now concluded that their rise is inevitable, and America's decline is inevitable. And they think that they are, or at least soon will be in a more dominant position in the world than the United States, economically, technologically, diplomatically, militarily and all the way.'

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