Epic ignorance: Bankers had to remind Maxine Waters her hero OBAMA is responsible for massive student loan debt (Video)

By Jon Dougherty

For most Democrats, serving in Congress isn’t about leadership or solving the nation’s problems, it has become nothing more than a quest to ‘get’ political opponents — the president of the United States, all Republicans, or, in the case of “Crazy” Maxine Waters on Wednesday, “mega-bankers.”

Waters hauled representatives from five of the country’s biggest banks before her House Financial Services Committee, which she chairs, to berate them over something that neither they nor the Trump administration had anything to do with: Building the country’s massive, $1 trillion-plus student loan debt.

It quickly became apparent that Waters had no clue what she was talking about — and no idea that Obama ordered the federal government to nationalize student loans in 2010, nearly a decade ago.

After she blamed the “megabanks” for the current student loan crisis, Waters then demanded the attendant bank heads explain just what the heck they are doing to help out poor, beleaguered student loan borrowers (none of whom took out school loans with a gun held to their heads, by the way).

At first, none of the representatives said anything because, again, their banks had no role in financing student loans. After Obama ordered Uncle Sam to take on that responsibility — and then give anyone who requested it the money to go to school, few questions asked — their institutions stopped making loans.

Waters eventually called out Bank of America CEO and Chairman Brian T. Moynihan when no one stepped forward to answer.

“We stopped making student loans in 2007 or so,” Moynihan responded.

CitiGroup CEO and Chairman Michael L. Corbat followed him by announcing that his institution stopped in 2009.

Jamie Dimon, the CEO and chairman of JPMorgan Chase, ‘reminded’ Waters straight up that Obama ordered the government to intervene and take over student loans years ago.

“When the government took over student lending in 2010 or so, we stopped doing all student lending,” Dimon said.

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You know, it’s okay for congresspeople to not have every single detail about every single subject readily at hand. But if they are, say, chairing committee meetings where they intend to berate and blame witnesses for something, the very least Americans should expect is that they have a clue what they’re talking about.

Waters, however, seems to believe she is beyond even that very minimal standard.

It was obvious she was clueless. And here’s what else she likely didn’t know (or care to know). According to analysis from, Obama’s decision to require the federal government take over student lending added over $1 trillion to the total U.S. student loan burden, largely, again, because there were so few hard-and-fast requirements to doling out the money.

Once colleges and universities became aware that Obama had turned on a money spigot specifically for them, what do you think they did? They began raising tuition rates, of course, then using the flood of money to build billions of dollars’ worth of new facilities and other add-ons and accessories that look awfully nice but don’t really contribute much to educating students.

Anyway, here’s Mad Maxine and her epic fail:


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42 Comments on "Epic ignorance: Bankers had to remind Maxine Waters her hero OBAMA is responsible for massive student loan debt (Video)"

  1. Maxine Waters is a complete fool.

    • Those bankers should build a political war chest to unseat her from her obviously election-fraud-ridden district. They ought to pay PIs to catch her driving drunk.

  2. Mario Ruffino | April 12, 2021 at 10:15 am | Reply

    You think Maxine didn’t know about the Student Loans, of course she did’t know for she’s a freaking idiot. Waters is so crooked that when she dies they will have to screw her into her grave.She is nothing but a big mouth trouble maker who because of Political Correction remains in office. If she was a Republican the Democrats would have 100 investigators looking for evidence to have her impeached.

  3. Mad Maxine is terminally Stupid . . . low IQ & incompetent !

  4. Show me from Missouri | April 12, 2021 at 10:45 am | Reply

    Washington is a spin factory.
    The spin is that the big banks are responsible for all the problems people have, and that socialism will solve the problem by redistributing their assets to people with loan debt and free tuition for students.

  5. Arrogant, feminist POS, plain and simple.

    • Agree…….one of those people that are so arrogant but completely stupid that it’s impossible to reason with ’em. You find that a lot with her people. Passionate but not making any f’g sense.

  6. Breathtaking stupidity! Maxie-Pad Waters is a disgrace to humanity.

  7. And don’t forget, she’s wearing Jackson Brown’s wig

  8. All these negative comments, while true, just show the extent of racism and sexism in the U.S.

    • Do you mean the late James Brown’s wig?

    • I beg to differ, pal…..Negative comments directed at that bitch are a direct consequence of her mouth and her actions……….they have NOTHING to do with her race nor her gender.

    • You mean pointing out that someone is totally ignorant and clueless about a major responsibility of her oversight committee is racist?

      How about you take a look in the mirror and see who the true racist is?

      She is a lazy political hack who should be representing the people of her district, not grandstanding. The fact that you want to call people racist who point out her lack of competence show that you are just trying to shut them up by calling them names.

      You call the “negative comments” racist and sexist, but being that it’s the truth, you just cannot accept the truth as it is.

  9. ‘She rode to office on the residual hate left by riots. She stayed there by festering the same hatred in her speeches. She does nothing to help her district climb out of the racist hole it still is in ! And she survives to enrich herself by shouting RAAAAAAAAAACIST ! at every opportunity !

    • Something needs to happen to her…and AOC…….and the twin jihadists….and Barry HUSSEIN O. ……..and Shrill……etc, etc…….

  10. oldfatass biker | April 12, 2021 at 1:07 pm | Reply

    i like maxine especially when you can here nothng but crickets

  11. Article is correct that, unlike banks, there were few requirements linked to doling out money, which went directly to students rather than the institution. A survey showed that students admitted not only using loan money for tuition, but also for clothes, restaurants, spring break travel, pizza parties, drugs/alcohol, and car payments. No wonder the loan amounts mounted so high.

    • Even when she speaks.

    • Am not familiar with the whole process but I take you at your word…..also am not surprised. People today are sooooooo f’g selfish and lazy. They max out their cards and take out ridiculous loans and then whine. We have commercials telling all the deadbeats “…you don’t have to pay back what you borrowed; call us and we’ll arrange for you to pay only a small percentage of what you owe…” And guess who pays the rest of what these bastards owe?…….YOU. ……….THIS SHIT’S GOTTA STOP, PEOPLE…………. They used to have debtors prison not all that long ago for people that didn’t pay back what they owed and now we’re openly promoting that these pieces of shit don’t have to pay off what they borrowed. TIME TO CHANGE THAT BY ELECTING THE RIGHT PEOPLE TO CONGRESS.

  12. you can't make this stuff up | April 12, 2021 at 4:51 pm | Reply

    “All these negative comments, while true, just show the extent of racism and sexism in the U.S.” yup always thought pointing out the obvious made one a white national sexist racist homophobe climate denying (whatever else) pos.

    • Mensa Graham | April 12, 2021 at 5:42 pm | Reply

      So you are trying to say that if a person is not a white male they cannot be called on for doing and/or saying stupid things? Everyone of color or LGBTQ is exempt form criticism? I did not realize that. Thanks for setting us ‘normal’ people straight with your intelligent comments.

      • Oliver W Homey | April 12, 2021 at 6:31 pm |

        Because somebody points out an absolute idiot, who happens to be black, that is racist? You seek to protect people like this because they are black or you feel sorry for idiots. She is in charge of this body and did not take the time to do her homework and see her idol, B Obama, took this program over and as soon as the govt took it every college in the country started jacking up tuition rates knowing the fed would pay it and never bother to check on the kids for ability to pay back. Yea she is an idiot how happens to be black. Stop being so overly sensitive and check out the real world.

    • Can’t wait till they start killing you motherfuuckers. You’re a fcking scumbag.

      • Let me clean that up for you…that would be, “motherfuckers”…….Only 1 “L” in “fuckers”….

      • And to whom might your invective be directed towards? Your comment lacks specificity, also. Please expound, sir (madam), if you would be so kind.

  13. Mensa Graham | April 12, 2021 at 5:37 pm | Reply

    She is a gift that keeps on giving. Be grateful that the dems have her.

    • Yes and no…there comes a time when it ceases to be humorous…Why be “grateful” for that piece of shit? She needs to walk out in front of a train.

  14. Oliver W Homey | April 12, 2021 at 6:26 pm | Reply

    This bag of wind is dumber than dirt. There is an old saying that says it is better to remain silent and appear stupid than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. she is about as smart as my dog. You would think dems would be embarrassed by her and since they are not, what does that tell you about them.

  15. Now that was funny.
    She voted for the nationalizing of the student loans and now she ask the very banks she screwed over what are they doing about the problem she helped create.
    - priceless.
    She was fishing for another Trump scandal then quickly bowed out because she just realized it was her that FKD over the students.

  16. Let that shiitskin ignorance shine!

  17. Dave Hardesty | April 13, 2021 at 11:40 am | Reply

    “It quickly became apparent that Waters had no clue what she was talking about”
    Now honestly, does she ever know what she’s talking about? Say, is AOC genetically related to her?

  18. This is your typical DEM IN OFFICE AT WORK, Waters has a big mouth a a big chip on her shoulder to go after anything she does not understand, as she needs to be learned first. With this attitude and challenge she needs to be removed from being head of anything. She wanted to know what banker were doing so she could get her hands in it, shes looking for more easy money. Now the bankers know what kind of sap she is willing to lay into bankers and then say i’ll be easy if you donate for the cause.

  19. Waters has turned in an AOC WHO EMPHATICALLY KNOWS, NO NEED FOR THINKING OR DOING RESEARCH ON THE ISSUE. Call them to the bench and pounce, I have the gavel so may of these DIMMS do it. Their head blunt power shows.

  20. Waters has turned in an AOC WHO EMPHATICALLY KNOWS, NO NEED FOR THINKING OR DOING RESEARCH ON THE ISSUE. Call them to the bench and pounce, I have the gavel so many of these DIMMS do it. Their head blunt power shows.

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