Out-of-touch elitism displayed by NBC’s Chuck Todd is precisely why Trump won in 2016 (and will again in 2020)

This idiot trashed religion and the Bible after anti-Semitic attack in NYC because...Trump!

By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) It’s amazing to see conservatives act so incredulous that Left-wing NBC hack Chuck Todd, a walking, talking violation of media ethics, behaves like a Left-wing NBC hack.

He’s always been one. He’s never been anything but. The only difference now is that he, like practically everyone else in the stuffy, smarmy, elitist mainstream media, are stricken with Trump Derangement Syndrome and as such, no longer practice their profession — shilling for the Democrat Party — under the guise of ‘journalism.’

Case in point: Directly on the heels of yet another anti-Semitic attack in a deep-blue enclave — New York City — Chuck the Moron hosts a segment on his little-watched Sunday program trashing Jews, Christians, and other factions of Western and Eastern religion.

Really, Chuck? You guys had to find a “letter to the editor” of a local newspaper to feed your insatiable appetite for Trump hate?

Wow. If anyone believes in fairy tales, it’s Democrat voters. They still think Trump and Putin “colluded” to “steal the 2016 election” (thanks to journalistic malpractice from people like Chuck Todd who continue pushing this massive lie). They think that Hillary Clinton is innocent of high crimes and misdemeanors. They believe Joe Biden is sane.

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But religion? Noah’s ark? Faith? Well…that stuff is just a “fairy tale” and it’s why President Trump has tens of millions of supporters.

And getting millions more.

You know what this sad, pathetic episode really demonstrates? It shows how out-of-touch and tone-deaf these toolbags and toadies for the far Left and the deep state really are when it comes to their inability to reach and relate to the ordinary American citizens they are supposed to be informing.

They are part of the “swamp” President Trump identified during his 2016 campaign. He’s the first presidential contender to do so in a way that most Americans can actually relate to.

And it’s why he’s going to win again next year.

Meanwhile, it’s clear that the media elite and those who inhabit their world will continue to suffer mental status changes as a direct result of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

The only cure is acceptance of truth.

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The satanic pedohomo wears a face-mirkin to hide the stretch marks.


His real job is repeating lies. He hates God. God hates disgusting sodomites. Pretty easy to figure out this idiot’s problem. He’s oikophobic.

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