What BS: Impeachment witness Taylor claimed ‘astonishment’ Trump delayed Ukraine military aid, but Obama refused to send ANY at all after Russian invasion

(TNS) Americans have been told by the Garbage Party and their propagandists in the “mainstream” media that President Donald Trump committed an impeachable offense by threatening to withhold military aid from Ukraine unless that country gave him “dirt” on former VP Joe Biden.

We know this is crap because the president released the transcript of the July phone call with President Volodymyr Zelensky in which the “Ukraine whistleblower,” Eric Ciaramella, said Trump made the threat.

There was no threat. No Quid. No Pro. No Quo. No bribery.

But what’s even more galling is the support deep state foreign policy bureaucrats are giving this massive lie.

Take William Taylor, one of Wednesday’s impeachment inquiry ‘star witnesses.’ As Trump’s ambassador to Ukraine, he testified earlier today that he was “astonished” when the president ‘withheld military aid’ to the Ukrainians.

UPI reported:

Taylor added the Trump administration has two divergent diplomatic policies in Ukraine — one official and one run by Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani. He recalled someone in the White House budget office saying the aid would be withheld, but didn’t say why.

I and others sat in astonishment,” Taylor said. “Ukrainians were fighting Russians and counted on not only the training and weapons but also the assurance of U.S. support.”

Taylor also said Sondland informed him Trump wanted Zelensky to publicly announce Ukraine was investigating the Bidens — and that the U.S. aid depended on it.

“Everything was dependent on such an announcement. Including security assistance,” Taylor said. “I told Ambassador Sondland that President Trump should have more respect for another head of state and that what he described was not in the interest of either President Trump or President Zelensky.”

What a massive load of BS.

Let’s review some facts that are otherwise well-known to Americans who don’t get their ‘news’ from the Garbage Party’s propagandists.

First off, military aid wasn’t cut off. It might have been suspended for a time, but as we reported earlier, President Trump was required by law to ensure that the Ukrainian government was making sufficient progress in battling corruption so that U.S. taxpayers weren’t hosed.

Secondly, the Ukrainian government wasn’t even aware that aid had been delayed. How, then, could there be a quid pro quo? An acknowledged threat? A ‘bribe?’ There couldn’t be, of course, as Taylor himself acknowledged under questioning by Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio).

Third, it can’t be said enough that the Trump administration actually provided lethal aid to Ukraine in the form of Javelin anti-tank missiles. But do you know who didn’t?

That would be Barack Obama, to our ‘astonishment.’

Russia invaded/annexed the Crimea, then a part of Ukraine, in 2014, then began supplying government separatists with arms and material as they fought against Ukrainian government forces. Where the hell was Obama with some lethal aid?

Why should he have provided it? Because the United States was bound by an agreement — the Budapest Memorandum, signed in the early 1990s — to come to Ukraine’s assistance if it was ever attacked.

The liberal Brookings Institute noted in December 2014:

December 5 marks the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances for Ukraine. Russia has grossly violated the commitments it made in that document. That imposes an obligation on Washington to support Ukraine and push back against Russia. This is not just a matter of living up to U.S. obligations. It is also about preserving the credibility of security assurances, which could contribute to preventing nuclear proliferation in the future.

After the fall of the Soviet Union three years earlier, Ukraine was in possession of the world’s third-largest nuclear weapons stockpile. Kiev gave them back to Russia in exchange for security guarantees… that Obama flatly failed to honor.

Not Trump. Obama.

Ambassador Taylor is lying if he is implying or stating that President Trump endangered Ukrainian security more so than President Obama.

Refusing to provide Ukraine with lethal aid when it was under assault, as the U.S. had agreed 15 years earlier to do so, is bad enough.

But to refuse it while your VP, Joe Biden, was actually threatening to withhold aid from that country to protect his son’s very lucrative job with a corrupt Ukrainian company is just obscene.

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All pedomedia buttclowns are equally guilty of treason and sedition.

This Scampeachment would have no legs without these scumbags that are literally in bed or married with their nefarious political satanist pedo-counterparts working the political coup.


Headline say’s it all. Seems a rarity these days. But I love adding more… These Deep State bureaucrats are shocked that Trump would take a pause to make sure Ukraine’s new Pres appears to be on the up and up, but eventually gives/sells them real firepower that will make Russia seriously think twice before sending their unmarked mercenaries any further. Yet we heard nothing from these leakers about Obama standing by doing virtually nothing and allowing Russia to literally annex THE major Black Sea peninsula (Crimea) with ports and shores only 165 miles from Turkey. Maybe that’s because Obama was… Read more »

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