Trump trolls again: Media, Dems lose their minds after POTUS says Ukraine, China ‘should’ investigate Bidens (Video)

(NationalSentinel) President Donald Trump has proven time and again when it comes to dealing with Left-wing Democrats and their media propagandists, he’s generally three or four steps ahead of them.

He did again this morning before a press gaggle at the White House ahead of his departure to Florida.

As usual, the idiot media types were pressing the president about the latest bullshit “scandal” — that is, his phone call to the Ukrainian president earlier this year that Democrats and their dog shit ‘journalists’ now say amounted to an ‘impeachable offense.’

Trump didn’t do a damned thing wrong and the media douche nozzles know it. So does every member of the Garbage Party accusing him of ‘quid pro quo’ and withholding military aid from Ukraine until he got “dirt” on Joe and Hunter Biden.

The president never said any of that shit and the transcript the White House released — that the idiot Democrats never thought would get released — proves it.

Nevertheless, the fake news Washington media continues to pretend like the bullshit they’re running is real though more and more Americans side with our president than those god-awful human beings.

Trump knows these pricks better than they know themselves. And he’s a counter-puncher extraordinaire, so he knew exactly what would send them into the latest tizzy and reaching for the ‘vapors’ so they can calm themselves: Suggest that Ukraine and China both open probes into the Bidens.

Why…why…why…the president of the United States is now ‘openly enlisting the help of foreign governments’ to assist him with the investigation into a ‘fellow American’ and ‘2020 rival! Impeach! Impeach!’

Like any American president is going to tell Chinese President Xi Jinping what to do. Or any foreign leader for that matter. Idiots.

This is our president, once again masterfully deflecting attention back towards the real issue here: Democrat corruption. It’s brilliant, and it’s also glorious to watch these Left-wing media types shit themselves with anger on the cable ‘news’ shows afterward.


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Joe and his son can be extradited to China or Ukraine.


Are you my brother from another mother?
I love this site.
Keep kicking ass and taking names.
The Left is fucked and they know it.

M Allen

I love the no holds barred approach here. Need to use the term “Douche-nozzle” for Ted Lieu! A perfect descriptor.


Tweet posted in article from Hot Air’s Allahpundit:

What good does it do him at this point to continue flogging Biden on this? It helps Democrats; Biden is already slipping in the polls and seems unlikely to win; even if Biden does win, Trump could revive this next year

Remember way back when Allahpundit was a kinda-sorta conservative and didn’t act like a runny-nosed water boy flunkey for SanFranNan Pelosi & Company? Ah, good times…


[…] Trump trolls again: Media, Dems lose their minds after POTUS says Ukraine, China ‘should’ invest… […]

John Martin
John Martin

Trump just fired a warning shot, the media doesn’t get it at all. But I’m sure Obama and Biden should now exactly what he meant. Trump would not fire a shot across the bow if he didn’t know something. It’s his M.O.


Allahpundit is one of the Trump haters now, too?

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