Pediatric endocrinologist says ‘transgender therapy’ is dangerous to kids; backed by no real ‘science’

By Jon Dougherty

In a claim that is likely to earn him a visit by scores of deranged Left-wing social justice warriors, a noted pediatric endocrinologist said Friday that ‘transgender therapy’ now being administered to kids is essentially based on zero real ‘science’ and largely experimental.

That is, it’s largely political.

During an appearance on Fox News‘ Laura Ingraham program, Dr. Paul Hruz discussed the so-called “Equality Act” passed by the House (with eight Republican supporters) in the House before the weekend, a piece of legislation that adds even more legal protections for the tiny percentage of Americans who identify as ‘transgender’ (even though existing civil rights laws already protect them from discrimination).

Hruz says that the experimental “therapy” is part of what he termed “drastic” treatments that are being administered to children — therapy that is very harmful and serious and likely to have a lifelong (negative) impact.

In beginning the discussion, Ingraham says, “I have a question after reading a lot about this. Why is the medical community so afraid of considering the impact of hormone treatment, and surgeries and so forth, for the young?”

“It’s fairly important to recognize that what is being put forward with the goal of truly helping these individuals that are suffering is based on very, very poor science,” Hruz responded.

“Any effort to draw attention to the poor science and the potential very negative and serious consequences that these hormonal interventions really has not been given the attention that it deserves,” he continues — and that’s largely due to the freaking out by the Left anytime anyone questions their transgender orthodoxy, even if he/she is an expert.

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Hruz added that transgender therapy remains largely unquestioned, and dangers unexplored, meaning it has not come under nearly as much scientific scrutiny as other areas of research.

As such, the Left’s mob-rule mentality — in science as it is in politics, society, entertainment, and culture — is preventing any real discussion of a life-changing therapy that could very well destroy the future of countless children.


Mind you, Hruz is not denying that ‘gender dysphoria’ is a real thing. He also did not bash the legislation. What he was trying to say, and what Ingraham kept hammering on, is that a) There hasn’t been nearly enough legitimate, politics-free research done on this field of human development to fully understand treatment implications; b) children’s lives are involved here so it is important to get this right.

But as usual, the deranged, perpetually angry Left isn’t going to have any of that. It’s full steam ahead, damn the torpedoes, because the agenda is far more important than real-world consequences.

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